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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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A Complete Third Trimester Checklist: A 3rd Trimester To Do List by Week

It’s almost baby time! Once you’ve hit the third trimester, it’s time to review your third-trimester checklist: 

Third Trimester To-Do List By Week

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to do everything on this list at the same time—it’s okay to space things out! Spreading out your tasks over the last few weeks of pregnancy will be easier on your body and your mental health. You definitely don’t need any additional stress during your third trimester, so it is recommended that you enlist someone to help with all these 3rd-trimester checklist tasks, whether that be your partner, sibling, best friend, or parent. 

Weeks 28-32 Checklist

baby shower gifts

Have your baby shower - This time period is when the mothers typically have their baby shower. A good rule of thumb for scheduling your baby shower is to plan it for 4-6 weeks before your due date. This is because you will be able to show off that beautiful bump while you still have energy and can move around fairly easily. At your baby shower, you will obviously receive a ton of gifts. Holding your baby shower a few weeks before you are due gives you plenty of time to unpack, clean, and put away all of your christmas gifts for new parents. This is one of those fun things to check off your third-trimester checklist!

Send thank you notes - The week after your baby shower is the perfect time to be sending your thank you notes. Writing thank you notes can be tedious, but just turn on your favorite show and rest your hand every so often, and you’ll make it through them all in no time! Be sure to write your thank you notes as soon as possible. Don’t put them off, because you will only get more tired the next couple of weeks; get it over with while you have energy. 

covering outlet to baby proof house

Baby-proof your home - Next up on the third-trimester checklist is to baby-proof your house. If this isn’t your first baby, this step is either already done or easy for you. For new parents, though, you will want to be extra diligent when it comes to babyproofing. Why should you baby-proof before the baby can even crawl? This is because, when your baby is finally scooting around, you may not have the time or energy to cover every exposed outlet, lock all cabinets, put on corner protectors, etc. This way, it’s already done, and you’re prepared for whenever they start exploring.

Take a childbirthing class - Last up on the 28 to 32-week third-trimester checklist is to take a childbirthing class with your partner. In these classes, you will both learn best practices for your body when giving birth. The same position isn’t going to work with every mother, so this class will teach you a comfortable way to lie or sit. These classes are also beneficial for your partner because they will learn how to physically and emotionally comfort you through the pains of labor. (This means no comments like “just relax”!)

Weeks 32-36 Checklist

Next up is the 32 to 36-week third-trimester to-do list. After your baby shower, you are probably going to have almost everything you need, but there is always something else. During these weeks it’s a great time to get any last baby items you still need. 

installing a car seat

Install your car seat - This is a great time to install the car seat. It’s better to be safe than sorry! You may also want to get your car seat inspected. This can be done at most police or fire stations, but you should call ahead of time in case they only take appointments. 

Pack hospital bag - Another thing to add to your 3rd-trimester checklist is to pack your hospital bag. This may seem a little early, but you could go into labor at any point now and it’s better to be prepared. It also allows you to continue to add supplies you may have forgotten, so you are extremely prepared. One thing you don’t want to forget is your newborn cloth diapers and a diaper bag. Some other essentials to have in your hospital bags are your ID, birth plan, any hospital forms, a long phone charger (the short ones won't cut it, trust us), and any toiletries you need. 

baby nursery

Finish up the nursery - During these next few weeks, you could also be making sure your nursery is completely ready. This means that all furniture is put together, all the painting is finished, and all the cloth diapering necessities are organized. This includes finding a good place to hang your wet dry bag

Week 36 until Delivery Checklist

By week 36, you should be done with everything we talked about above. The last few things you should be doing can also be done prior to this if you just want to relax right before you give birth. 

Purchase all the postpartum essentials - During this time, you can be purchasing the last of your postpartum essentials. These do not need to be packed into your hospital bag because they should be able to provide all of this for you, but it wouldn’t hurt to double-check with your doctor ahead of time. 

washing baby bottles

Wash clothes and bottles - The last item of the third-trimester checklist is to wash all your new baby clothes and everything in your cloth diaper starter kit with gentle, baby laundry detergent. This will save you a lot of hassle when the baby finally arrives. Alongside washing the clothes, you should also be sanitizing your baby’s bottles! 

Tips and Tricks for Your Third Trimester Checklist 

Remove the car seat - One tip we have that we didn’t include in the third-trimester to-do list is to remove the car seat from its base after it’s been inspected. This is just in case the vehicle that holds the car seat gets into a wreck before the baby is born. It is much cheaper (and less stressful) to replace the base than the entire car seat. Just make sure to remember to snap it back in once it’s time to go to the hospital!

Keep your bags with you - Another tip is to keep your diaper bag and hospital bag with you at all times. You may not make it to 36 weeks before going into labor, and if you do, you’ll be thankful that you took this extra precaution. 

setting up breast pump for breastfeeding

Assemble your breast pump - The last tip is to set up your breast pump before the baby arrives. This is so you can ensure all the pieces are there and it is assembled properly. 

You are all set with your third-trimester checklist! Remember that your checklist may be a little different, since every mother’s body and baby are different and may need their own unique tasks. We at Nicki’s Diapers hope you have a healthy and safe delivery.