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The Best Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Creams and How To Use Them

best cloth diaper rash creams

Are normal diaper creams safe for cloth diapers?

Now that you’ve bitten the proverbial bullet on cloth diapers, you have to be careful with your investment.

If you use the wrong type of diaper cream - it can ruin your diaper.

With thousands of different diaper rash creams on the market, who has the time to go through all of that work to find what can work?

Never fear - Nicki’s Diapers is here!

Today, we are breaking down what you need to know about the best cloth diaper rash cream we recommend and some tips and tricks to navigating the diaper cream world.

Let’s get started!

What Makes a Cloth Diaper Safe Diaper Rash Cream?

best cloth diaper rash cream

First of all, you have to understand a few basic concepts about diaper creams, diaper rashes, and so on when it comes to the cloth diaper world.

1.) You’re likely to experience less diaper rash with cloth diapers! WOOHOO!

2.) Some diaper rash creams may stain or cause your cloth diapers to repel.

The culprits? Zinc and Petroleum products!

Zinc, while it won't ruin your diaper stash, can cause some stubborn stains. If you’re unconcerned with stains or resale value, Zinc away, my friend.

Petroleum is the killer. It can cause your diapers to repel your child's urine.

What do I mean by that - Leak City, USA (or whatever country you're in).

If you have already used these products and are experiencing repelling or stains - don’t worry! Keep reading!

3.) The term “cloth friendly” is almost a misnomer in its own right, though. If your “ride or die” rash cream contains zinc or petroleum, it’s okay!

Regardless of what cream you choose, we will always recommend using a liner with any cream just to be on the safe side.

Nicki’s Picks For The Best Cloth Diaper Creams

So what creams, balms, sprays, or other remedies are recommended?

After receiving the all-clear from your medical professional, I’m head over heels with these three rash creams!

CJ’s BUTTer Cloth Diaper Rash Cream

So good you could eat it - literally! CJ’s Butter products are all-natural and work exceptionally well.

In addition, their products are edible for when your toddler decides that it would make a good snack (not that I would know or anything).

CJ’s comes in many different forms from butter (shea butter), spritz, and the quick stick!


cjs butter

A creamy, easy to apply tub of moisturizing goodness. This stuff is excellent not only on diaper rashes but chapped lips, dry skin, and pretty much anything you can think of.

With scents ranging from Monkey Farts to Oatmeal Milk & Honey, you’re sure to find an aroma that tickles your fancy.

Don’t worry - if you’re sensitive to smells, there is also an unscented version.


cjs spritz

A rash cream in an easy to use, liquid spray! This little bottle is excellent for your diaper bag and can go pretty much anywhere.

The spritz is incredibly handy for those (like me) who don’t care for the lotion feel or are concerned about cross-contamination.

Spritz is more than just a rash “cream,” though. This spray doubles as beard oil, detangler, and moisturizer and comes in all of your favorite CJ’s Butter scents.

Quick Stick

cjs quick stick

Exactly what it sounds like. It’s the CJ’s Butter in a solid stick form. Simply swipe on and recap!

Like the other CJ’s products, it doubles as a moisturizer and is available in different scents.

My personal favorite CJ’s Butter product, though, is anything that’s CJ’s Plus. If you have a yeasty kid (we lovingly refer to it as the yeast beast here), as I do, this stuff is frankly the best at prevention and clearing up those flare-ups quickly.

It’s not only suitable for yeast, though. If you are dealing with a stubborn rash, this will clear it right up.

Armed with Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil, it may smell a bit peanut buttery, but it works so well that you’ll eventually learn to love the smell.

Lusa Organics Booty Balm

lusa organics booty balm

I have yet to find a Lusa Organics product that doesn’t rock my socks.

This little jar is full of certified organic ingredients such as calendula and chamomile that provide instant relief.

It’s a balm, so it’s not as buttery or "lotion-y" (that’s a word, right?) as other diaper rash solutions, but it glides on smooth.

If you’re having some issues getting it to come out of the jar, just warm it up in your hands for a minute or two, and you’ll be on your way to healing that booty.

Like CJ’s, Booty Balm isn’t just for your baby’s bum but is an excellent skin treatment in general!

From cuts, scrapes, irritation, and even sunburn, this is one you’ll want to keep on hand and in your diaper bag.

All Lusa Organics products are in environmentally friendly packaging!

GroVia Magic Stick

grovia magic stick

I know you’re singing that song, and I am too!

GroVia’s Magic Stick is one of the smoothest and easiest diaper rash solutions to apply.

Conveniently packaged in stick form, you simply glide and recap. Gone are the days of greasy hands, wasted product, and mess!

The Magic Stick is all-natural and organic with ingredients like Grapeseed Oil (one of the best moisturizers for your skin), Jojoba Oil, and Rosehip Oil.

Just like all of the products I have raved about here today, this is a multi-purpose product!

Chapped lips, dry elbows, and anything else - Magic Stick it! Gone are the day of needing unitaskers (my personal shout out to Alton Brown)

How to Treat Baby Yeast Infections

how to treat baby yeast infection cloth diaper creams

If you are dealing with yeast, use the cream provided by your child’s doctor, and be sure to use a liner.

You will need to treat your cloth diapers for yeast during this time. Click here tp see our wash page for more helpful information!

If you want to prevent yeast, I highly recommend investing in CJ’s Plus Carcass Cleaner and some arrowroot powder!

I make a wipe solution out of the CJ’s Plus Carcass Cleaner and use that at every diaper change.

A sprinkle of arrowroot powder will absorb some of the wetness that yeast loves to feed on!

You can use corn starch, but keep in mind that corn start is “sweet,” and yeast will grow and thrive if it’s present while you’re using corn starch.

Again, it’s a great economical preventative, but discontinued at the first sign of yeast!

How to Deal with Acidic Poop

cloth diaper rash cream acidic poop

Oh, I feel you!

Teething, oranges, or just that random bout of acidic poop that causes a rash the second it touches your precious child's skin is the worst, and they’re difficult to treat.

The solution? Liquid antacid such as Maalox.

I know, I know. It sounds weird, but it helps to cool the burn and minimize those pesky rashes.

Just - apply liberally and use a liner.

A barrier cream is also a great way to help prevent acidic poop rashes in the first place. Straight up coconut oil or lanolin is excellent for this.

Still, if you want a specific product, the Eco Sprout Coconut Stick is made from 100% organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil and Vitamin E in a convenient stick!

Help! Someone Used Regular Diaper Cream on my Cloth Diapers!

The best way to remove diaper cream mishaps is to use a soft toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of dish soap to scrub it out with warm water gently.

This will remove most of the cream, although some staining may occur depending on how much got on the diaper.

Just be sure to rinse out all of the dish soap!

Quick and Natural Remedies for Baby Rashes

natural cloth diaper rash creams

If you are in a bind and need something, you can pick it up in-store (or just need an excuse to get out of the house), Boudreaux's Butt Paste is free of petroleum and zinc!

It’s not my personal favorite by any means, but we do keep a tube hanging around for emergencies!

Another great option that’s easy to find is coconut oil.

Tons of cloth parents swear by it, and I’ll admit I used it for quite a while before I discovered CJ’s.

Just keep a small jar separate from the one you cook with, and you’re set! Remember - any diaper rash cream is cloth diaper safe with a liner!

If you have any additional questions about the ingredients in your current diaper rash cream, our fabulous customer service team is happy to help.

Conclusion - Diaper Creams for Cloth Diapers

Understanding what diaper creams can be used with cloth diapers is confusing.

But - Nicki’s is here to make everything simple for you.

Here’s a quick recap of Nicki’s Top Cloth Diaper Rash Creams:

If you’re interested, click here to check out CJ’s BUTTer line of cloth diaper rash creams now!