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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

Nicki's Diapers is a family business founded by Nicki and later joined by her husband Jesse. As a husband and wife team, they worked together to ensure the highest quality products while following responsible environmental and social business practices. The company is now located in Akron, Ohio.

35 Useful Christmas Gifts for New Parents: Find the Top Christmas Gifts for New Moms and Dads

The holiday season isn’t too far away, so it’s time to start looking for gifts. Unfortunately, if you have any new parents in your life, finding the right Christmas presents for the happy couple can be pretty tricky. So who do you shop for, the parents or the baby? The short answer is…both.

If you’re not so good with picking gifts, you’re at the right place. Here is a list of the top 35 Christmas gifts new parents want, ranging from diaper covers to baby monitors—and beyond!


diaper bag organizer

Diaper Bag Organizers - ToteSavvy

Indeed, the new parents in your life already have a reliable diaper bag, but how can you make it even better for them? With a convenient diaper bag organizer, of course. This Diaper Bag Organizer by ToteSavvy has all the pockets needed to organize a diaper bag, including an insulated pocket, key clasp, and washable changing mat.


cloth diaper covers

Cloth Diaper Covers - Nicki’s Diapers

Whether or not new parents choose to use cloth diapers, these Cloth Diaper Covers from Nicki’s Diapers are a great way to prevent leaks and keep the baby comfortable. These diaper covers not only provide coverage to flat diapers, pre-folded diapers, and fitted diapers, but they also help prevent leaks in disposable diapers and look super cute!

Netflix Membership

An endless list of shows and movies is an excellent way for parents and their kids to kick back and relax after a long day of parenting (or babysitting). Not having to pay out of pocket for a year-long Netflix membership is something every new parent would genuinely appreciate this Christmas.

Everyday Photobook - Artifact Uprising

It’s hard for parents to keep track of their newborn child’s growth while they’re busy changing diapers and baby-proofing their home. The Everyday Photobook by Artifact Uprising is the perfect gift to help them cherish their baby’s growth in the form of everlasting pictures.


baby journal

Baby Journal - Fox and Fallow

What could be a better gift than a handy journal that marks all of the little details and progress of the newborn baby? The Baby Journal by Fox and Fallow helps manage and record the important memories and milestones of new parenthood.

Capsule Maternity Wardrobe - Storq

Traveling doesn’t always have to be a hassle with a newborn baby on the deck. The4-piece Capsule Maternity Wardrobe by Storq can be the blessing every new parent needs on the go. From nursing bras to t-shirt dresses, this capsule closet has it all.


reusable snack bag

Reusable Snack Bags - Nicki’s Diapers

New moms and dads could use a set of reusable snack bags to satisfy their baby’s cravings on the go. TheseReusable Snack Bags from Nicki’s Diapers are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable zippered bags and come in many cool prints and designs.


nursing bra

Nursing Bra - Girlfriend Collective

This Nursing Bra from Girlfriend Collective is just what the new mom needs for the most comfortable nursing experience. The easy access and comfy fabric can help them relax when nursing and unwinding.



Mama-To-Be Gift Set - Earth Mama

Pregnancies can be a handful sometimes, but there is something that can save the experience and make it more enjoyable. TheMama-To-Be Gift Set from Earth Mama includes a Morning Wellness Body Wash, Belly Butter, Ginger Fresh Deodorant, Orange Ginger Lip Balm, and a Belly Oil for overall comfort.

Ice Roller - Vanity Planet

Let’s face it—parenthood is stressful, especially as a first-timer. This Ice Roller from Vanity Planet is the best way for new moms and dads to soothe and depuff their faces every morning after countless sleepless nights full of cradling and diaper changes.


bubble blankets

Bubble Blankets - Nicki’s Diapers

When it comes to gifts for new parents, everyone only thinks of the baby. So surprise your favorite new parents this Christmas with a Double Bubble Blanket from Nicki’s Diapers, which is big enough for the whole family. Plus, it comes with a coordinating gift tag, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

Fanny-Pack Diaper Bag

Fanny-Pack Diaper Bag - Kibou

Who said new parenthood couldn’t be fashionable? Some days, a regular diaper bag just doesn’t go with your outfit! ThisFanny-Pack Diaper Bag by Kibou, made from vegan leather, is the best way to carry baby essentials on the go while staying in style, sitting comfortably at your waist. 

comfy slippers

Comfy Slippers - L.L.Bean

Whether the Christmas gift is for a new mom or a new dad, you can never go wrong with a pair of comfy slippers. After a long day of parenting, you can bet anything their feet are killing them. These Daybreak Scuffs by L.L.Bean are the perfect way to help new parents stay comfy throughout the day.

Baby Bodysuit Set - Kohl’s

Any new parent would be thankful for a set of baby bodysuits, saving them a lot of shopping time.Kohl’s has the perfect selection of baby bodysuits, which you can look through and pick your favorite ones to create a Christmas gift hamper.

Stroller and Bassinet



A stroller and bassinet are pretty expensive investments, especially on top of all other baby essentials. So make parenthood easier for your closest new moms and dads by gifting this Stroller and Bassinet Duo from Nordstrom this Christmas.

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor - Bed, Bath, and Beyond

A baby monitor is an excellent investment for new parents to feel safer about their baby at night or when they have a babysitter looking after their baby. This Baby Monitor from Bed, Bath, and Beyond is the perfect baby monitor to help ease the new parents’ minds this Christmas; it even comes with its own nightlight.


Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains - Crate and Barrel

Getting a good night’s sleep can be just about impossible as a new parent. Some of the best naps you get are during the day. TheseBlackout Curtains from Crate and Barrel not only help new moms and dads sleep better, but they help the baby nod off sooner too.

Baby Carriers - Graco

Newborns who only stay calm while being carried and cradled can make it difficult to get any chores and errands done on time. ThisBaby Carrier by Graco helps new moms and dads go about their day while carrying their baby in any of the four modes available:

  • The facing-in newborn seat
  • Facing-in baby seat
  • Facing-out baby seat
  • Back-carry baby seat

Nasal and Ear Cleaner

Nasal and Ear Cleaner - oogiebear

Babies can get pretty fussy when it’s time for nasal or ear cleaning. So the new parents in your life will be incredibly thankful for this Nasal and Ear Cleaner by oogiebear that makes the process safe and comfortable for the baby. It’s the perfect Christmas gift.


 Formula Dispenser

Formula Dispenser - Baby Brezza

There’s no Christmas gift more genius than the Formula Dispenser by Baby Brezza. It automatically makes a warm formula bottle with basically no manual effort. So trust us when we say that the new parents in your life will be eternally grateful for it this Christmas.


Play Gym

Play Gym - Lovevery

An interactive play gym is the perfect way to keep babies distracted and improve their mental growth. This Play Gym by Lovevery has 5 Developmental Zones, four detachable activity toys, four sets of cards, a Play Guide with stage-based tips, and a Place Space Cover that transfers the play gym into a cozy fort.


Baby Sound Machine

Baby Sound Machine - Hatch Baby Store

Your new parent friends will thank you this Christmas for this Baby Sound Machine from the Hatch Baby Store. It’s the perfect combination of a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert in one handy device, which you can control directly from your mobile phone.

High Chair - Buy Buy Baby

A high chair is a must-have for new parents, so this Convertible High Chair by Buy Buy Baby is the perfect Christmas gift for new moms and dads. The best part is that the parents don’t have to buy a new chair as the baby grows, as they can easily convert it into a toddler chair.


Baby Mat

Baby Mat - Crate and Barrel

With a newborn around, there isn’t always as much time to sweep and mop the floor. A baby mat is an excellent way for babies to play around without being in direct contact with the floor. This Fold and Go Portable Baby Mat by Crate and Barrel is the perfect Christmas gift for new parents to fit into their diaper bag on the go.


Steam Cooker and Blender

Steam Cooker and Blender - Beaba Babycook

This Steam Cooker and Blender Baby Food Maker by Beaba Babycook is one of the best Christmas gifts for new parents. It steam cooks raw chicken, fish, fruits, or veggies to any stage of baby or toddler food in under 20 minutes.


Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt - Brooklinen

When the baby is sleeping better, the parents are sleeping better. So if you want the new parents in your life to get a good night’s sleep, this Baby Quilt from Brooklinen is the best Christmas gift for them. This lightweight, breathable, and ultra-soft blanket comes in 4 different colors.


Crib Sheets

Crib Sheets - Allswell

The crib sheets you choose can affect the coziness of the baby’s crib significantly. Help the new moms and dads create a comfier crib for their baby with theseOrganic Crib Sheets from Allswell, made from 100% organic cotton. 

Baby Food Maker

Baby Food Maker - Babymoov

No new mom or dad would ever deny a handy and efficient baby food maker; it would only save them time, energy, and money. ThisDuo Meal Station Food Maker from Babymoov is the perfect and most practical Christmas gift for new parents—it can steam, blend, purée, warm, defrost, and sterilize any meat, fruit, or vegetable. 

Digital Baby Book - Qeepsake

Qeepsake is a digital baby book allowing parents to journal and add images of their baby without ever worrying about losing their progress. A Qeepsake Gift Membership is the perfect Christmas gift for new parents who want to document their baby’s growth digitally.


Soft Robe Set

Soft Robe Set - Parachute

There’s nothing a new mom or dad would appreciate more than an ultra-cozy robe to keep them warm and comfy all day while they navigate parenting. Being a new parent is exhausting, and this Soft Robe Set from Parachute is the best way to help them unwind.

Food Catchall - The Rooted Baby Co.

Of course, a food catchall is a pretty practical Christmas gift for new parents, but this Silicone Baby Bib from the Rooted Baby Co. isn’t like any other food catchall. Since it’s made from food-grade silicone, it’s super easy to clean with just one wipe.

Baby Nail Trimmer - Buy Buy Baby

Whether it’s nasal cleaning, diaper changing, or nail trimming, babies can make quite a fuss during any hygienic process. This Baby Electric Nail Trimmer from Buy Buy Baby makes the nail trimming process much easier and quicker for both the parent and the baby.

Keepsake Calendar - Artifact Uprising

If you know new parents who love taking pictures of their newborn babies, this gift is perfect for them this Christmas. This Keepsake Calendar from Artifact Uprising allows them to upload 12 of their favorite photos and get to look at them every month.


Baby Sling

Baby Sling - Target

A baby sling is a more carefree version of the baby carrier. This stylish Baby Sling from Target will allow the new parents in your life to go about their everyday life while keeping their baby close.

Amazon Prime Membership

There’s nothing better than an Amazon Prime Gift Membership to surprise new parents on Christmas. This practical and thoughtful gift gives them the freedom to buy whatever they want with the help of special membership discounts and sales.

Help New Parents Ease Into Parenthood This Christmas With These Christmas Gifts for New Moms and Dads

You may not think so, but new parents love Christmas gifts that make life with their new baby easier. We all know that parenthood is as expensive as it is exhausting, so why not provide new parents with convenience through your Christmas gift? 

The Christmas gifts for new parents we listed above make this phase easier for parents and their babies. The best part is that these products are durable and highly functional, so they’re sure to keep the parents at ease for a long time.