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Nicki's Diapers Wool Dryer Ball 6 Pack


Nicki’s Diapers Wool Dryer Balls are the solution to ditching one-time use fabric softener sheets and long dry times. 

These reusable wool dryer balls reduce static cling, absorb moisture in all of your laundry (not just cloth diapers!) decreasing the time you need to run your dryer, and can be reused and reused- no need to repurchase! 

This sustainable solution isn’t as noisy as plastic or rubber counterparts and is virtually indestructible-lasting up to 1,000 loads! 

The best part - they come in amazing colors including - green, blue, purple, pink, gold and yellow and so much more! (colors will vary)


These dryer balls are made of 100% wool.

How to Use
What you will need:
    1) Wash Your Clothes Like Normal
    2) Put Your Wet Clothes Into The Dryer
    3) Put In 6 -12 Wool Dryer Balls
    4) Start The Cycle as Normal
    5) Reuse as Desired

Pro Tip: Add one to two drops of your favorite  essential oil for scent if desired