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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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All in Two Cloth Diapers

All in two cloth diapers are made up of a waterproof cover and absorbent layer that is snapped in separately. AI2 cloth diapers have a fantastic dry time compared to all-in-one  diapers. With their reusable cover, all in 2 cloth diapers are a great compromise between ease of use and total cost.
Imagine Baby Snap All-In-Two Diaper $16.99 USD

All in Two Cloth Diapers Offer Affordability and Flexibility

All-in-two cloth diapers are designed to be affordable and simple to use. They have an outer waterproof layer and an inner detachable absorbent layer that snaps into the outer cover. Since the outer cover can be reused multiple times in between washings, AI2 diapers provide a great compromise between ease of use and affordability. These diapers come in a range of colors, designs, and styles and have a one-size-fits-most design.

 All In Two Cloth Diapers Offer Fast Diaper Changes.

Since all in two diapers don’t require the folding or multiple layers that prefolds or flat diapers might need, they tend to be much faster when you’re tackling a diaper change. All in one diapers are also quick, but since the inner absorbent layer is attached to the outer layer in all-in-ones, that means that 6 diaper changes require 6 different diapers. While an all-in-two would only require 6 inserts and one outer shell. 

With the adjustable snaps or hook and loop on most AI2s, the diapers will fit multiple baby sizes, allowing you to use the same diapers throughout most of your baby’s diapering days.

All in Two Cloth Diapers are Daycare Friendly

Daycares often have specific guidelines when it comes to cloth diapers, but all in two cloth diapers have been designed with daycares in mind. As long as your daycare allows cloth diapers, AI2s require less skill to use than other options while producing less laundry than all in ones.

All in two diapers are easy to use and to change.

Most all in two diapers also have leg gussets that prevent leaks. The gussets are designed to fit around the baby's legs and prevent leaks from getting out of the diaper and onto their clothes.

Common Questions about All in Two Cloth Diapers Questions: 

How do you use all in two diapers?

The all-in-two (AI2) cloth diapering system is simple to use. The diaper shell and the soaker pad are separate components. Typically, the insert fits completely inside the waterproof diaper cover and is attached to the shell using several snaps. To put on a diaper, you snap a liner into the shell and snap the diaper around your baby. Then when it’s time for a diaper change, you remove the all in two cloth diaper, snap out the liner and throw the liner in the laundry. Then snap in a new liner and put the diaper back on.

Benefits Of All In Two Diapers?

  • All in two diapers are easy to use. You don't have to stuff all in two diapers with inserts or know any special folding techniques. They’re just snap and go.

  • AI2s are usually less expensive than all in one diapers because you’ll need fewer outer shells since the waterproof shell can be reused multiple times between washings.

  • All in two cloth diapers look adorable! Available in a huge variety of patterns and styles, since the waterproof liners get washed less often than some other diaper options, they stay looking bright and beautiful even longer.

  • All-in-2 cloth diapers of course bring all the ecological benefits of cloth diapers. Given how long it takes for a diaper to decompose, any cloth diaper answer is the right answer!

How Many All In Two Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

The answer can be a little complicated and we’ve outlined all the variables in our post on “How Many Cloth Diapers Do You Need?”, but in short, figure out how many diapers you go through in a day, say 8 for your infant, but that number can vary per child and based on their age. Then figure how often you want to do laundry, say every 3 days for this example. Then multiply those and you’ll need 24 diaper liners.  Then figure you’ll change covers every maybe 4 diaper changes, so you’ll need 6 AI2 waterproof covers and 24 liners. But you’ll want to work out those numbers for your own personal needs.

What is the difference between all-in-one and all in two cloth diapers?

 All-in-one and all in two cloth diapers are two slightly different types of cloth diapers, but they both serve the same purpose: to keep your baby's bum dry and leak-free. The biggest difference between these two types of diapers is whether the absorbent liner is removable or permanently attached.

All-in-one cloth diapers are all in one piece, with an absorbent layer sewn directly onto them. So when it’s time to change a diaper, the entire diaper is removed and put in the laundry and a whole new diaper is put on your baby.

All in two cloth diapers have a separate liner and insert that can be separated. During diaper changes, you can unsnap the liner and replace it with a new liner, resulting in less laundry and a lower cost to get started in cloth diapering, as well as a little extra space in your cloth diaper storage!