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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Wet Dry Bags

Wet dry bags offer an eco-friendly solution to dirty cloth diapers. As an alternative to single-use plastic bags, wet/dry bags are excellent for carrying diapers, gym clothes, and swimsuits, a critical accessory for any cloth diapering parent!


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What is a Wet/Dry Bag? 

A wet dry bag is a fantastic creation. Wet/dry bags can come in various sizes, but essentially they're two-compartment bags where one of the compartments is made of some waterproof material and designed to keep wet items separate and contained. Often there will be a main "wet" pouch and a secondary, sometimes external, "dry" pouch. This allows you to carry wet, even gross items safely and contained while you also carry clean and dry items.

Wet Dry Bags are a Multipurpose Powerhouse.

Perfect for a whole number of unique situations, a dry/wet bag often becomes the perfect answer when no other solution exists. You want to go for a run during lunch at work, but it's muddy outside and you won't have a place for your dirty sneakers? Wet/dry bag!  Your child ate too much candy at grandma's and got threw up and now you need to take those gross clothes home to wash? Wet/dry bag! But here are a few of the more common uses for a wet dry pouch.

Wet/Dry Bags for Cloth Diapers

The most common use for our wet/dry bags is for parents who cloth diaper. They make a fantastic everyday carry item for keeping clean cloth diapers readily available while providing a safe, sealed, waterproof place to put dirty diapers. Wet dry bags also readily accept diaper inserts, messy waterproof bibs, training pants, or reusable wipes.

Take a Wet Dry Bag Swimming

Dry/wet bags are an obvious partnership for a swimming outing. Being able to take a single bag with you to the beach or pool, then putting your wet or sandy clothes in a sealed bag that will keep your vehicle dry is an obvious win! The waterproof pocket will even help contain funky-smelling water from a stream, lake, or pond.

Wet/Dry Bags at the Gym

The gym is another great place to use a wet/dry bag. With a pocket perfect for smelly, damp gym clothes and a waterproof liner that resists picking up smells, you'll wonder why you waited so long to get one.

What are Wet Dry Bags Made of?

The cloth outer later of a wet/dry bag can be almost any material, but common materials include cotton, polyester and mesh. But the waterproof wet dry pouch is most commonly made of TPU, a durable, plastic-coated polyester that is waterproof, washable and long lasting.