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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Christmas Gifts for Newborns: The Top Infant Christmas Gifts of 2022

Do you have a newborn in your life that you are having a hard time shopping for?

There is no correct answer to “What’s the best gift for infants?” Every baby is unique—some love the sensory overload of singing and talking toys, while other babies prefer the traditional soft and snuggly stuffed animal.

This is the first aspect you need to consider when shopping for Christmas gifts for new parents for newborns. Let’s start our “Christmas gift for newborns” list with toys that make noise:

1. Baby Einstein™ Take-Along Tunes™

This infant Christmas gift is the whole package for newborns that love noise and color. This toy MP3 player lights up and sings like any traditional baby toy, but many parents have said they do not get annoyed by the music and it is actually quite nice and calming.

2. LumieWorld Plush for Infants

This toy is a sound machine, star projector, and cry sensor all in one! It is completely adjustable so you can customize it to your baby’s needs. It also has auto-off timers, so no more worrying about wasting batteries.

3. Newborn Crinkly Baby Paper

baby crinkle toy
This crinkly baby paper fulfills the needs of babies who love to chew on and play with paper! This is a unique newborn Christmas gift that gives your infant hours of entertainment, without making a mess or creating a potential choking hazard like real paper. 

4. Organic Bear Blankie

bear blankie

This eco-friendly pal makes a great snuggle buddy for your newborn. This is the perfect gift for newborns because it is so cute, warm, cuddly, and full of color.

5. Musical Lili Llamafor Newborns

musical lili llama

This llama is full of all the bells and whistles every musical baby needs. It will get their growing minds and hands working while marching to the beat of their own drum—literally. 

Next, here are some newborn Christmas gifts for babies who do not like loud toys:

6. Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play Mat

If your baby struggles with tummy time, many parents swear by this play mat for help! This mat also helps with core strength, since baby has to reach up to play with the toys that are hanging.

7. "My Night Before Christmas" Book: Christmas Book for Infants

“My Night Before Christmas” Book is a personalized book for your baby. This is the perfect gift that your baby will cherish when they get older. Use this book to start a brand new Christmas tradition with your family! 

8. Certified Organic Sunny Teddy Bear

This teddy bear is GOTS certified organic cotton, World Fair Trade Certified, and is made with natural plant-based dyes. It’s also machine washable, so it’ll be there for baby through thick, thin, and messy.

9. Newborn Looker Play Kit

newborn looker play kit

This infant Christmas gift comes with many toys that are specially designed to help your baby build new brain connections through colors and contrasts. From the sensory links to the sustainably harvested wooden book and beyond, this kit contains everything you need to stimulate your baby’s hands and mind. It even comes with a play guide with expert tips to help parents make the most of their baby’s first 12 weeks!

10. Janod Tumbling Koala Wooden Baby Toy

tumbling wooden koala toy

This toy is crafted for small hands, and helps challenge your baby to place the pieces in the correct order. Did we mention that it’s also adorable? 

11. Warmies Hugs for Infants


Warmies Hugs are an adorable duo of heatable dinosaurs. They are scented with fresh lavender and provide warmth so your baby can feel comfy and cozy. They can be heated right in the microwave!

12. Puppy and Baby Rabbit Rattle Set

This rattle set is an adorable gift for infants because it is soft and plushy. It is easy to grasp and makes a faint rattle sound that isn't annoying to the parents.

13. Organic Baby Toys - Newborn Rattles | Lion

There is no such thing as too many rattles, especially if they are adorable like this one from Estella! This rattle is made with 100% certified organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. This is a great Christmas gift for newborns, especially if the baby’s parents value sustainability.

14. WubbaNub™ Reindeer Infant Pacifier

This adorable reindeer is the perfect Christmas gift for newborns—it not only acts as a pacifier, but it has the cutest little stuffed reindeer that is great for cuddling and looking festive.

15. Newborn Rainbow Teether 

newborn rainbow teether

Next up is the minimalistic teether. This teether is so trendy and sophisticated that you might mistake it for decor!

16. PlayMonster Mirari Juballees for Infants

We already talked about what great infant gifts stacking toys are, but what about rolling stacking toys? These encourage movement in your baby to reach after the rolling ball as well as link them together, so they can be stimulated in multiple ways and never get bored.

Next, let’s look at some organic baby gifts for infants that the parents will love: 


17. The Library Baby Keepsake Box

library baby keepsake box

This customizable keepsake box provides parents with an amazing way to organize and display memories of their growing infant. There are special sections for things such as a first tooth, favorite blanket, first stuffed animal, and anything else you can think of! 

18. Newborn Jogger Stroller Hand Muff 

If you like to take walks with your baby, don’t let the cold stop you! Attach the hand muff directly to your stroller and just slip your hands in when you’re ready to push. No more bothering with pulling gloves on and off!

19. Hudson Baby® Size 0-9M Christmas Unicorn Bathrobe in White

Hudson Baby® Size 0-9M Christmas Unicorn Bathrobe in White

This is an awesome Christmas gift for newborns. The Christmas Unicorn Bathrobe is so cozy and warm for after bathtime. Who said bathtime can’t be festive? 

20. Unisex Sleep & Play Footed One-Piece for Baby

Unisex Sleep & Play Footed One-Piece for Baby

Now that you have the world’s cutest robe, you need to pair it with the world’s cutest pajamas as well! 

21. Duo Meal Station Food Maker 6 in 1 Food Processor

This is the perfect gift for a parent who wants to know everything about what they put into their baby’s body. With this baby food processor, you can make your own puree that you can be sure is organic and healthy. 

22. bblüv Trimö Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

Trimming baby fingernails will make any parent nervous, not only for fear of hurting those tiny fingers, but getting scratched by them, too! This electric nail trimmer uses a gentle filing process to shorten the fingernails, making the process safe and easy.

23. Newborn Crib Sheets

Every parent thinks they will have enough crib sheets, but they probably don’t. You can never have too many crib sheets, because you will go through them faster than you think. 

24. Cloth Diapers for Infants

cloth diapers for infants

The number 1 gift you can get for any newborn parent is cloth diapers. Just like crib sheets, you simply cannot have enough! If you are a first time parent or even just a first time cloth diaperer, then you should read about the newborn cloth diaper essentials

Now, you are officially ready to shop for gifts for infants! Side note, most of these would not only make great Christmas gifts for newborns, but for an infant any time of the year.