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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Cloth Diaper Fit Guide- Getting the Perfect Fit for Any Baby

Did you know that a cloth diaper goes on differently than a disposable diaper?

If you’re having leaks, a wonky-looking diaper, or feel like there’s no way that diaper is going to last you until at least 35 lbs this is the place to be!

Why You Need The Perfect Fit for Your Toddler

perfect fit for cloth diapers

Fewer Leaks

This is probably the most important aspect of having a good fit.

If there are gaps around the legs or more than a 1-2 finger gap around the belly you’re going to experience leaks.

This can also happen if your cloth diaper is too tight though so always make sure that you’re adjusting the rise and waist as your baby grows.


You know your favorite jeans?

The ones that fit really well pre-pregnancy?

I am guilty of trying to stuff myself into those and come out looking like a stuffed sausage. It’s not comfortable nor flattering.

The same can be said with a cloth diaper.

If the fit is too tight or too loose it’s not going to be very comfortable for your toddler or growing baby.

What is the Perfect Cloth Diaper Fit?

how to get the perfect cloth diaper fit

The perfect cloth diaper fit is one that sits right at or slightly above the small of the back.

The diaper should lay flat against baby's body without any leg gaps There shouldn’t be any extra fabric.

The wings will be completely tucked and the fabric around the rise will be tucked up and under.

All absorbent materials will be inside and not visible.

The Best Advice

With virtually all cloth diapers when you are wrapping the cloth diaper on your baby start at the small of the back and hot dog roll the front - you want the elastics to be in the cloth training underwear line.

Once you have that in place, pull the wings up and over the thighs.

This should get you a near-perfect fit every time! If your cloth diaper is stretchy- use that stretch!

How To Size Your Baby

how to size your baby

Take the size charts with a grain of salt.

The rise to weight/baby age size guides is just that - a guide, but not a hard and fast rule.

All babies and toddlers have a different build.

Don’t get too wrapped up in those guidelines - they’re just handy to have around as you’re getting the hang of the rise settings on your one size or newborn cloth diapers.

If you're fully unsnapped on a one size cloth diaper well before 25 lbs - you likely could snap at least one rise setting.

The best advice anyone can really give is to play around with the rise and waist settings until you have optimized the perfect fit.

If you feel like you’re struggling with getting the perfect fit our informed and helpful customer service team can help guide you through.

How To Adjust Your Cloth Diapers to Get a Better Fit

how to adjust cloth diaper fit

My cloth diapers are leaking at the top

Make sure that your absorbent materials like inserts aren’t exposed.

If that looks okay, you may need more absorbency.

My cloth diapers are leaking at the back

Take a look and make sure that the insert or other absorbent materials aren’t sticking out.

If that looks okay, you may need more absorbency.

My cloth diapers are leaking by the legs or sides

Check the absorbent materials. If they are over-saturated then you may have a wash routine issue or your cloth diaper is too tight.

Your diaper may also be too loose around the legs if you notice any gaps.

Leaks can also happen around the sides if you aren’t tucking up the rise fabric up and under the rise snaps.

My baby has deep red marks around the legs

Sock-like marks that go away are normal. No stress!

If there are very deep red marks that don’t go away your cloth diaper is too tight. You may need to look at a larger diaper or diaper cover.

Conclusion - Getting the Perfect Fit

how to get the perfect cloth diaper fit

If you have learned something here today - don’t feel bad!

I cannot stress this enough.

I was incorrectly fitting the diapers on my baby for over a year. And even now, sometimes I struggle to get that picture perfect fit.

If you’ve tried everything and checked your wash routine, but you’re still having leaks I highly recommend adding more absorbency.

I am obsessed with Geffen Baby Absorbers.

They add a ridiculous amount of absorbency in a deceivingly trim insert.

If your toddler is suddenly leaking everywhere and you’re using natural fibers it’s worth giving microfiber a try.

Many toddlers start to “flood” once they have gained more control over their bladders.