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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

Nicki's Diapers is a family business founded by Nicki and later joined by her husband Jesse. As a husband and wife team, they worked together to ensure the highest quality products while following responsible environmental and social business practices. The company is now located in Akron, Ohio.

Nicki’s Picks for a Working Parent | Products That Are A Life Saver!

The time has come; for working parents, it’s inevitable. You’ve spent the last 6-12+ weeks soaking in your brand new baby.

You’ve been able to soak in their newness and watch them grow and learn as they do so rapidly in those early stages, but now, work is calling you.

They can’t do without you and they just NEED you back!

I know going back to work can be an overwhelming transition. I get it!

There is planning to be done for child care, milk to be pumped or formula to be bought, a diaper bag to fill with those cute fluffy diapers and everything else that baby could need in your hours apart.

But don't you worry! Nicki's offers a full suite of natural baby products to make your life easier! From gentle skincare to eco-friendly diapers and more, we have everything you need to ensure the well-being of your little one.

planet wise and best bottom products

We all know that being a parent is work enough, and adding a job on top of that can be stressful.

No matter if it’s a work from home or an outside-the-home job, there is an entire array of products to make sure BOTH you and baby are pampered while you’re transitioning into (or back into) the working parent phase!

Let me show you my favorites!

Make the Working Transition Easier for the Baby

If you are working from home, I’m sure you already have the perfect setup for your baby’s diaper and clothing changes, snacks (if they’re at that age), bibs, etc.

But if your baby will be in a daycare setting, being watched by a family member or a babysitter, there are a lot of good diaper bags out there, and the likelihood is that you’ll need a good diaper bag to make transitions to-and-from care as easy as possible!

I’m here to tell you, Nicki’s has TONS of options for bags. (Thus our well-used hashtag in the chatter group #wehaveabagforthat!) 

ohlily bags

A favorite would be the Ju-Ju-Be bags. They come in every shape and size, AND tons of adorable prints! They can be a bit spendy, so if you’re looking for a more economical option, the Oh, Lily! bags are where. it’s. at!

The Oh, Lily! All-day tote is super roomy and can definitely fit everything your baby would need for some time apart from you, but the Oh, Lily Perfect Backpack is my all-time FAVORITE for general diaper bag use!

My husband loves our solid black perfect backpack. It’s smaller, easy to cart, and not too flashy. It fits a ton and is just an all around STAR of a bag! 

And don’t forget about the wet bags! The many sized wet bags and wet dry bags Nicki’s sells are Amazing for organizing your child’s care bag. They hold everything from snacks to outfit changes to toys or medicines, and we use them for organizing literally everything! 

 Make the Back to Work Transition Easier for Moms

Now that baby’s needs are taken care of, what about YOU? How can Nicki’s work for you during a busy day? Let me count the ways. 

planet wise sandwich bags

You know those same Planet Wise snack bags you sent baby’s food in? Well, they aren’t JUST for the baby!

Planet wise snack line is perfect for packing your own lunch for work. The snack size is great for smaller portions like veggies, pretzels, a couple cookies, etc. and the sandwich bags are perfect for when you need a little more room, like for a sandwich, wrap, chips or popcorn.

One of the coolest Planet Wise products is by far the sandwich wrap. I use mine frequently for my lunches.

They keep your sandwich or wrap in a tidy little package, then when it’s time to eat it folds out into a make-shift plate or placemat, which is a perfect way to keep your food off your table or desk and makes clean-up quick and easy!

The Planet Wise bags are even good for portioning your snacks if working from home!

I know if left to my own devices, I could eat an entire bag of my favorite snacks, so portioning is a big help to me when at home! 

Don’t Forget the Rocket Fuel as You Head Back to Work!

Did your baby have you up all night? Are you jonesing for java? Don’t worry, we got you! Nicki’s has the most fantastic travel mugs, perfect for your daily caffeine fix.

The Klean Kanteen line has a wide variety of travel cups or mugs of different shapes and sizes - from a 5oz stainless steel baby bottle all the way up to a 64oz thermos for adults! (Just think of the amount of work you can get done with that MUCH caffeine in you!...JOKING! Don’t try that.) 

mom holding coffee

Whether you like cocoa, coffee, tea, hot or iced, whatever you prefer, Klean Kanteen has the right cup for your choice beverage!

The best thing about these cups is their performance. Depending on the size you choose, they can keep your drink hot for anywhere from 11 to 38 hours, and cold for even longer at a range of 38 to 135 hours!

I mean, come on! That’s pretty impressive!

kleen kanteen

And if you are picky about how you hydrate, don’t sweat it. There are also options for different caps, so if you like a classic pull top water bottle opening, they have it.

A straw more your style? Some styles have a straw cap too! Open mouth bottle, cafe cap, or loop cap, there is sure to be a combination that you will love! 

If you live somewhere that you’re lucky enough to experience the colder weather seasons, there is also a 12 oz insulated canister available for carrying all your favorite soups and stews (or even hot breakfasts like oatmeal and grits and such for those early rising first shift workers!)

kleen kanteen

Pumping Parents, Listen Up!

Breastfeeding as you return to work can be an enormous commitment. Some people take to it so naturally, and some people struggle a little more, and that’s okay.

Deciding to pump and store for your baby on top of breastfeeding adds a whole other layer to consider when preparing to return to work.

It doesn’t matter if you are breastfeeding and giving your baby pumped milk while you are away, or if you are only pumping. Let me brush you up on some of our best pumping accessories that will make your preparations a little easier. 

Whichever pump you have chosen, there are accessories to be had. Nicki’s sells a “Petunia Pickle Bottom Promp Pump Kit” that is perfect for your Medela pump and pump parts!

As well as a host of Medela specific parts like different size breast shields, replacement charging and power cords, etc. 

wet bag

Personally, Spectra pumps were the one that worked best for me, but that didn’t stop me from turning to Nicki’s for all the other things that I needed!

Planet Wise small wet bags were my absolute favorite for transporting my pump parts to and from work, and the best part was that the cute prints on the bag totally disguised what the bags contents were when I needed to store them in the breakroom fridge after pumping.

planet wise snack bag

There is also an air dry mesh bag from “Pumpin’ Pal” for storing all those freshly washed pump parts while allowing for great air flow.

Pumping extra have you feeling a little tender? Nicki’s also carries a selection of natural nipple creams from brands like Cjs, Motherlove, and Balm! Baby so you can bring your a-game when creating that freezer stash!

Don’t Get Caught Without the Back-to-Work-Basics!

For most, the postpartum essential phase eventually reintroduces the dreaded menstrual cycle. Alas, it is a necessary evil.

When working from home, it is thankfully much easier to deal with. When you have to leave home, however, you will want to make sure that you are prepared for any surprises as your cycle re-regulates post-baby.

I always keep a Planet Wise Mini Lite in my work bag with a menstrual cup, a couple of reusable pads, and a change of underwear, just in case. It’s my own personal, little menstrual-aid kit.

If your periods haven’t re-regulated, or if you're just not someone whose body is on a “regular” cycle, it is SO handy to just have it all ready at a moment's notice.  

Nicki’s has UltuCupavailable in three sizes if you are looking to get started using one. I shied away from it for so long, but once I made the switch, I was convinced.

There will be no going back for me! The comfort and ease was leaps and bounds ahead of tampons once I figured out how it worked. There was a small learning curve, but you can figure it out pretty quick!

Cloth pads are also WAY more comfortable and breathable than the current market trending alternative. T

hey are so soft and have a much less irritating feeling than a plastic pad. And of course, there is a variety available! Pink Lemonade, Marley’s Monsters, and Thirsties, to name a few.

The Pink Lemonade brand is my favorite. I’m not lying when I say I forgot I was wearing one!

And if all the extra fussing and cleaning to your sensitive areas has you feeling...well...more sensitive, Nicki’s also sells a product from the Elevated brand called “Punani Paste” that can soothe any irritated skin.  

Self-care...Say WHAT?

It can be so easy to put ourselves on the back-burner as parents.

Especially when trying to balance a new baby, work, home, our spouse, older kids, pets, and on and on… But you are still YOU, and you deserve to not feel like last place all the time.

If you are someone who enjoys taking the time to put on make-up daily, or even if you only do it when going out, we have a bag for that! Smart Bottoms, Thirsties, and Planet Wise all have mini wet bags I love to use for my small amount of makeup. (I’m more of a going-out makeup person.)

But the Planet Wise Travel sized wet bag would be perfect for those who need a little more room! It can keep you organized whether you’re putting your makeup on at home, in the school drop-off line, or at your desk! (lol!)

bumblito head band and tote

And what about hair? I was so tempted to just chop off all my hair after the birth of my youngest! I just couldn’t deal. I lived in a messy bun until I discovered headbands!

Messy buns and postpartum hair loss did a number on my hairline. I knew I needed to give my hair follicles a break!

Nicki’s sells adult sized Bumblito headbands that are just the softness, most comfy headband, and they come in cute prints and solids too!

You can use them to keep your hair out of your face during your self-care routine, or heck, all day! They’re just that comfy and cute!

Don’t Do It Alone, We’re Here to Help!

So is returning to work a change? Yes. Can it be stressful? Sure. But you really aren’t in it alone!

Browse through Nicki’s site and grab yourself some essentials to make this transition into the next phase of life as carefree as possible.

You’re keeping a brand new human alive all while adulting and taking care of business. You got this, because you rock!