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KangaCare Lil Joeys AIO Two Pack - Special Delivery

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Lil Joeys All In Ones are a wonderful diaper for your newborn! It will work great for your preemie or multiples. Most cloth diapers don't fit small babies like the Lil Joeys AIO because it will fit your newborn starting at 4 pounds, you can start using cloth diapers on Day 1!

The Lil Joey AIO fits babies 4-12 pounds and the easy to use snap down center allows for comfort and healing of the umbilical cord. When snapped down, the rise is shorter and then the rise is higher when unsnapped giving the Lil Joey AIO two sizes.

Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn Diaper

Take a look at the inside of the Lil Joey AIO - there are 2 gentle internal gussets so this diaper will stop even the messiest messes from escaping! As an AIO, a soaker with 4 layers of microfiber is sewn in and there is no pocket, no stuffing. The outer material is a biodegradable TPU waterproof material - a polyester fabric that has been laminated. TPU is made by a process that is low in toxicity and better for the natural environment. When composted, it will biodegrade in 4-5 years.

Lil Joeys All In Ones are sold in packs of 2.

***The manufacturer of Rumparooz restricts the sale of all Rumparooz Products outside of the US. We are happy to ship to any address in the United States!***