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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Waterproof Baby Bibs

A good waterproof bib will help protect your baby's clothes from all sorts of wet and gushy foods while looking great. Show off your style in the house or at a restaurant with an adorable rubber waterproof bib.

Finding the Right Waterproof Bib

Waterproof bibs can be made with several different materials and in a couple of styles to best suit your individual needs. Picking the right combination can make all the difference between an easy, relatively clean dinner or a new set of clothes.

Waterproof Polyester or TPU Bibs

One of the most common bib materials is TPU, which is short for thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU fabrics bond a thin polyurethane membrane to another material, usually a quality polyester, to create a lightweight final product that is durable, feels good, is easy to clean. These are one of the most common waterproof baby bibs you'll find.

Rubber Bibs or Silicone Bibs

Often commonly referred to as rubber bibs, these are actually usually made of silicone. These waterproof baby bibs are generally heavier and more suited for babies 6 months old and older just because of their weight. But they are almost indestructible and do a great job of catching any extra mess. 

Layered Baby Bibs with Plastic Backing

Some waterproof bibs use a layered approach to get the maximum benefit from all the materials. Sometimes they use an absorbant top layer with a plastic or TPU backing to make it waterproof or sometimes the TPU is the outer layer while a soft mesh inner layer provides a soft, comfortable touch.

Waterproof Bib Features

The Bib Food Pocket

One of the best innovations to ever hit the baby bib, the "food pocket" is now almost ubiquitous on waterproof bibs. These pockets, most pronounced on rubber bibs, catch the food that slides down the bib. This way not only is baby's shirt protected, but they don't end up with a lap full of messy spagetti!

Long-Sleeved Waterproof Bibs

Another fantastic addition to waterproof baby bibs is the addition of long sleeves. While not always necessary, the long sleeves protect the arms of their outfits from the same messes that a normal bib protects their body from. These long sleeves are a lifesaver when out at a restaurant with a well dressed baby!

Baby-Friendly Cloth

It's great if a waterproof bib can protect your baby's outfit, but how much better is if they also protect their skin? With high-quality manufacturing processes and material combinations, we can now carry a large selection of waterproof bibs that take into account your baby's comfort, so that bibs can feel great while they do a great job of protection.