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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

Nicki's Diapers is a family business founded by Nicki and later joined by her husband Jesse. As a husband and wife team, they worked together to ensure the highest quality products while following responsible environmental and social business practices. The company is now located in Akron, Ohio.

Imagine Baby Snap All-In-Two Diaper

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The Imagine One Size All-in-Two Cloth Diaper has the absorbency of a pocket diaper or all-in-one but because it is a two part system, inserts snap in and out and the shell's interior is wipeable so it can be reused. You won't need as many covers, making this a really economical way to cloth diaper your baby!


*Inserts sold separately

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t’s always recommended to wash any new cloth diaper products before use, to remove any dust from manufacturing and shipping. 

Imagine Baby Products All in Two Cloth Diaper Covers only need to be washed once prior to use. 

You can simply throw your new products in the wash with your normal laundry or diaper laundry. Hang or tumble dry on low. 

We recommend you do not use fabric softener or bleach on any cloth diaper products.

The Imagine Baby Snap All in Two is easy to use!

To Use:

1)Snap in your favorite insert
2) Adjust snaps to desired size
     - First row: 8-15lbs 
     - Second row: 15-23lbs 
     - Third row: 23-35+lbs
3)When changing, wipe the interior and if not soiled, snap in a new insert

Washing Your Ultimate All in Ones:

1)Remove solids: Knock solids into toilet
2)Remove any snapped in or stuffed absorbency materials before washing
3)Running a rinse cycle on cold 
4)Run a full cycle wash on warm/hot with additive-free detergent
5)For best results, run one more rinse cycle on cold
6)Line dry or tumble dry or on low heat

Care For Your Diapers:

Fabric softeners and rash creams can ruin the effectiveness of the absorbency. We recommend you do not use them. If you need to use a rash cream, we recommend the use of a liner along with cloth diaper-friendly products.Dirty diapers and inserts should not go unwashed longer than 2-3 days for risk of staining.

The outer shell is a waterproof PUL material. The inside is a soft cotton with snaps to add your favorite insert.

The All in Two is made in the One Size option, which is made to fit babies 8-35+lbs

The hook and loop closure allows this diaper to fit a wide variety of babies, and the elastic, double gusset leg holes are made to be comfortable and secure

The "Perfect" Fit

The hip and waist snaps ensure a perfect fit every time, while providing easy and quick adjustability.

Elastic, Double Gusset Leg Holes

The leg holes on the all in two diaper are made to be secure and comfortable for your baby. The double gusset feature is made to create a leak proof system right when an accident happens

Inspired By A Mother's Love

Imagine Baby is dedicated to providing you with the best cloth diapers and sustainable products.


Adjustable Snap Closure

A perfect fit created by the multifunctional snaps, available for babies 8-35+lbs


Customizable Interior

With the option to snap in an insert, you can choose your desired fabric and level of absorbency


Waterproof Gussets

Contain messes right when they happen

How Many Diapers and Inserts Will I Need?

(We recommend preparing for 2-3 days between washes)

You'll need at least 8-12 One Size All in Two Diapers per day, with an additional 3 inserts per diaper

Equals an average of 24 One Size diapers and 72 inserts

How to Use Your Imagine All in Two Cloth Diaper

Imagine Baby Bamboo All in One Diapers are very quick and easy to use. All you need is your favorite insert and you are good to go!


Attach your favorite insert into the interior snaps of the diaper


Put on baby, adjust closure to desired size and secure waist


When soiled, remove the entire diaper from baby and wipe the interior before washing 

For wash and care tips print out our downloadable graphichere: