Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

Nicki's Diapers is a family business founded by Nicki and later joined by her husband Jesse. As a husband and wife team, they worked together to ensure the highest quality products while following responsible environmental and social business practices. The company is now located in Akron, Ohio.

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As parents with a baby in diapers, you probably have a lot of things on your mind when it comes to choosing the most suitable types of diapers. The financial cost of  diapers is one important thing to consider, but the environmental cost is another critical consideration.

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Nowadays, diapers are made from a wide range of materials, including but not limited to cotton, hemp, bamboo, and microfiber. The type of diaper you use is usually a matter of personal preference. However, some parents find that certain types actually work better for their babies than others.

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Did you know the United States throws away about 11.3 million tons of textile waste yearly? This amounts to about 2,150 pieces of clothing per second. Definitely not best sustainable fabrics practices! Plus, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of the global carbon dioxide output, even more than international flights and shipping.

We at Nicki’s Diapers are committed to creating a cleaner world, using eco-friendly fabric for all our cloth diapers and other sustainable household items. This article discusses the top sustainable, eco-friendly, & biodegradable materials that help us create a cleaner world.

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 Eco-friendly parents usually raise eco-friendly babies. If you have any friends or family who live a sustainable life, you may find your head reeling when trying to pick out perfect eco-friendly baby gifts for them. Your loved ones need organic baby gifts because they are not only suitable for their lifestyle, but just as special as they are! Here you will find a list of our favorite organic baby gifts:
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Are you a new parent and want to start using cloth diapers for your newborn? Are you worried about all that’s involved in washing cloth diapers and having them ready for your little one? You are one of many parents who have made the move to using cloth diapers for their children. While parenthood may seem daunting at first, you can tap into so much love and support and even internet guides to help you navigate it.
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