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My Top 20 Books to Read this Spring

Spring cleaning? What about spring READING?!

I guess you could consider spring reading spring cleaning in a way.

We’ve spent all winter cooped up, cold, and not finding an outlet for our minds.

Clean out the mundane in that noggin of yours and escape into a good book!

We’ve compiled a list of ten books for you to read this spring.

Ready?! Set! READ!!

Top Twenty Spring Books

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison

Spring Book #1 Believing It All

Gathering memories of spending cherished time with his children, Marc Parent recounts the moments they shared and the mischief they created. 

Spring Book #2 House of Salt and Sorrows

"Step inside a fairy tale."--Stephanie Garber, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Caraval

Get swept away by the New York Times bestseller that Melissa Albert, author of The Hazel Wood, calls "eerie" and "lovely."

Annaleigh must uncover the curse that haunts her family when her stunning sisters suddenly perish one by one on their lonely island farm. Be cautious about who you dance with...

Spring Book #3 Down Came the Rain Brooke Shields

Such a common diagnosis but rarely talked about, Brooke Shields takes a step out to share with the world her struggles with one of the most isolating conditions a mother can face, Postpartum Depression.

Spring Book #4 Where the Crawdads Sing 

Perseverance through the unimaginable, excelling in the face of all odds, being unapologetically herself, and best of all, secrets. This story will inspire you while challenging your views of differences.

Spring Book #5 I Am Malala

From the other side looking out, this true story recounts the bravery and push for the opportunity that Malala knows is right for the women of her community and faith.

Spring Book #6 The Farm

Dystopian thinking or actual possibilities for the near future? The author brings about thinking of possibilities as well as an awareness of the vast differences between classes in society… the choices you might make for a better tomorrow.

Spring Book #7 Dance with Me: An Alzheimer's Memoir

A true story from the Author’s perspective of her Mother’s life, battle with Alzheimer’s, and their special moments of togetherness.

Spring Book #8 The Getaway Girls

Start a new life and make some new friends. Go on the summer adventure of a lifetime with this feel-good novel sure to bring you laughter, pull at your heartstrings, and have an overall good time.

So they make a pact for this summer to be their best yet - and drive off into the sunset together… As they meander their way along the beautiful beaches of France and onto the glorious delights of Italy in their luxury campervan, the new friends have plenty of fun and frolics in the sunshine.

But the vacation isn’t quite what they expected…

Spring Book #9 Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

List maker? Note keeper? Journey through the courage it takes to tear down blackmail through social media with the friends who stick by your side.

Spring Book #10 Notes from the Bathroom Line

Need a laugh? This compilation of hilarious stories from 150 famous female comedians is sure to lighten your mood and possibly make you pee your pants.

Spring Book #11 The Charmed Wife

This wildly imaginative, intensely modern retelling of Cinderella's story—and what happens when she marries Prince Charming and realizes he isn't so charming after all—is eerie in all the right ways.

Grushin's fourth book, genre-bending and darkly comedic, is a strange and wonderful achievement

Spring Book #12 My Year Abroad

In this recent work by one of our most celebrated authors, Dickens meets globalism.

Lee creatively maps the odyssey of a directionless young American and a middle-aged Chinese businessman, from a bourgeois university town to Hawaiian beaches to Malaysian karaoke bars, testing an unlikely friendship that takes both men to the brink.

Spring Book #13 The Beauty of Living Twice

The near-death experience and its implications act as a catalyst for her to focus on the winding, unexpected road that took her from a small town in Pennsylvania to become one of America's hottest stars.

Spring Book #14 Good Company

The alluring and tender second novel by the bestselling author of The Nest is an engaging, insightful, and tender tale of a mid-life marriage and the secrets that threaten to destabilize Flora and her husband's relationship, as well as her best friend, Margot.

Storylines from pre-pandemic Manhattan are scattered throughout, with the theater, Central Park, and soirees all taking center stage.

Spring Book #15 Whereabouts

The first novel by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake in nearly 10 years is set in an unidentified city that reflects Rome—or a dreamlike, occasionally lonely version of it.

The first-person narrator of the story is a single woman in her mid-40s whose loneliness pervades everything she does, including her conversations with her mother, lovers, and coworkers.

Spring Book #16 The Secret Bridesmaid

Sophie Breeze has made a career out of posing as a bridesmaid for London brides while simultaneously organizing every aspect of their wedding day.

Her latest gig is with one of the biggest society nuptials of the year, with a prima donna bride who just happens to have an intoxicatingly unavailable older brother.

Spring Book #17 Back in the Day

Set in two decades apart—2010 and 1967—Alonzo delves into a decades-long love tale, explaining to his son that he can't part from his prized old album collection.

Spring Book #17 Playing the Palace

This widely awaited rom-com debut comes from the screenwriter of Sister Act, Jeffrey, and The Stepford Wives. Carter Ogden, an event planner, meets and has immediate chemistry with the desirable Prince of Wales, paving the way for a high-profile affair fraught with complications.

Spring Book #18 The Final Revival of Opal & Nev

A magazine editor follows the electrifying origin story of Opal Jewel, an Afro-punk artist, and Nev Charles, an English singer-songwriter, in this striking debut novel structured as a polyphonic oral history.

The pair produced a distinct seventies sound when they were disbanded when an image of Opal covered in a Confederate flag emerged from a riotous concert.

Opal and Nev's 2016 comeback tour is jeopardized by a surprising secret. In this inspiring tale about the intersections between creativity and activism, Walton brings rock and roll to life.

Spring Book #19 Great Circle

This sweeping story, which begins in 1914 and stretches just under 600 pages, revolves around two main characters: Marian Graves, a thrill-seeking female aviator who goes missing over Antarctica, and Hadley Baxter, an aspiring actress who is set to play Marian in a biopic a century later.

Marian's adventure, bravery, and longing story takes her through Prohibition-era Montana, Alaska, and the South Pacific, resulting in her fateful disappearance on a record-breaking pole-to-pole trip.

Years after, Hadley's determination to break away from tabloid fame intersects with Marian's search for self-determination.

Spring Book #20 Aftershocks

Nadia Owusu is the daughter of an Armenian-American woman who left her while she was a toddler and a larger-than-life Ghanaian diplomat who perished when she was thirteen.

That alone is enough to captivate you to read her book. In this dazzling memoir, Owusu confronts her stateless, motherless childhood, focusing on how she grew up both everywhere and nowhere.

Owusu, now an adult, reflects on the unresolved claw marks of loss—of nation, family, innocence—while charting her peripatetic path through continents in search of a homeland to call her own.

Conclusion - My Top 20 Books to Read this Spring

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” William Styron

No matter the reason you choose to read, get to reading! We could all use an escape from our reality, especially after all we have been through over the last year.

While you’re reading, you’ll need snacks and a beverage.

Yep, you might even need a snuggly blanket for that slight spring chill.

Whatever your snacking habits, we have bags for that.

And yes, we have vessels for your beverages of choice too!

BUT, I think we all deserve something a bit grand.

We are raising families and are absolutely worth a splurge here and there.

Find the perfect large blanket to cozy up to or to lay on the grass and read today.