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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Finding the Best Wet Bag - How to Use Cloth Diaper Wet Bags

When I first started cloth diapering, because of my budget I really didn’t want to spend $$$ on another cloth diaper accessory.

I wanted to throw all of my money at prints that would actually be ON THE BABY!

All of that said, I begrudgingly bought a few and I was instantly enamored.

Wet Bags have a zillion uses and are currently hung up all around my home from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Today let’s get a little chatty about all things Wet Bags!

What is a Wet Bag?

Donut Wet Bag

A wet bag is a reusable bag made of PUL - the same fabric that allows your cloth diapers to contain wetness.

It's a reusable, durable, and leak-proof bag that zips closed to keep odors (and liquids) out.

Depending on the size, wet bags will accommodate anywhere from 3 to 15 cloth diapers.

When you're away from home, a wet bag is a convenient place to hold your dirty cloth diapers.

Why You Need A Wet Bag

Storybook Sunrise Wet Bag Child Dragon

While wet bags are necessarily a need if your budget limits you significantly, they’re honest to gosh lifesavers.

When you’re on the go you’ll need to place to contain the wetness and smell of dirty diapers.

Wet bags do all of those things.

Some brands even have two pockets- one side to keep your clean diapers handy and dry and another pocket to store your dirty ones.

Even if you’re not going out much, wet bags can be used as a cloth diaper pail, especially if you’re tight on space.

Hang a larger wet bag on the door handle and you’re set without taking up any precious floor space.

But couldn’t I just use a grocery bag?

Large Wet Bags Fruits and Earth

I’m glad you asked!

You sure could, but let me ask you - have you ever thrown away (or recycled) a grocery bag with something in it that you needed or wanted?


Now imagine doing that with your absolute favorite diaper. Or your in-laws popped over and chucked it because they thought it was garbage? Or your partner?

Ya. You see where I’m going with this.

Also, grocery bags don’t have a handy zipper, aren’t washable, and won't contain the smells.

The Many (Many) Different Uses of a Wet Bag

There are a million and one different ways to use wet bags.

Here are some of my favorites!

  • Unpaper Towel Storage We keep one medium-sized bag hanging on the stove and a large-sized hanging wet bag in our laundry room with all of the clean unpaper towels. This is effortless cloth diaper storage that takes up virtually no space.
  • Pump Part Storage and Travel A wet bag is ideal for holding your pump and all of the pieces if you're a breastfeeding mom who pumps her milk. If your bag has a dry bag compartment, you can store the pump there while the rest of your belongings are kept in the wet bag section. In between pumping sessions, I just keep my wet bag with the flanges in the fridge. At the end of the day, I’ll wash the pumping parts and the wet bag goes into the diaper pail.
  • Toy Storage Store your child’s toys, games, cars, puzzles - whatever is easy to grab, easy to clean wet bags. As wet bags are available in many different colors and prints, it’s incredibly easy to organize all toys into wet bags that make it easy for your child to organize and clean up.
  • Trash Collectors Many wet bags have a snappable handle that allows you to attach the wet bag to the headrest of your car. As wet bags zipper shut, it’s a perfect way to keep your car clean on the go without risking a leak or other fail. Just empty out the bags every day or so, wash, and hang back up!
  • Swimming and Other Wet Gear Toss damp swimsuits, reusable swim diapers like these newborn swim diapers, swim baby and trunks into a wet bag after you and your kids have finished using the public pool, bath, or beach. It works just as well as a laundry bag for flying!
  • Snow Fun Whether you're going hiking, snowboarding, sledding, making a snowman, or doing some winter sport away from home, keep everyone's coats, helmets, scarves, and even boots in a rain bag so they don't get wet in the vehicle.
  • Vomit Catchers Morning or motion sickness? Hyperemesis? A wet bag is a leak-proof way to keep your car (and lap) vomit-free. Keep a couple in your glove compartment.
  • Traveling Keep your travel toiletries, such as toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, contact solution, and so on, in a wet bag to keep the rest of your luggage clean and dry.

My Favorite Wet Bags

Honestly, I don’t think I own a wet bag that I wouldn’t classify as my favorite.

It’s not that they’re all my ride-or-die favorite, it’s more of I love this wet bag for this reason, specifically for this use.

Eventually, I’m sure we’ll cover every single wet bag, its best use, and why it’s my favorite for that use. T

oday, however, I’m sharing my top three favorite wet bags - for cloth diapers!

Planet Wise Wet Dry Bag

Space Wet Dry Bag

The Planet Wise Wet Dry Bag comes in a few sizes: Clutch, Medium, and Hanging (think of this like a hanging diaper pail).

As Planet Wise Bags are all seam sealed you don’t need to worry about leaks! The extra outer layer of cotton or performance material really locks in any odor.

My hands-down favorite wet bag is the Clutch size.

It has a dry pocket to hold a couple cloth wipes and my wipe solution and another pocket to hold a cloth diaper like the newborn cloth diapers .

After the inevitable diaper change, everything fits easily and compactly into the wet side.

The wet dry bag is then fastened to the outside of my diaper bag thanks to its handy snap handle.

This is NOT a large bag. It’s aptly named clutch as it’s about the size of a purse-type clutch.

The Medium-sized wet dry is more of your half-day or multiple kids in cloth on the go bag.

I loved this one for the hospital. I just attached it to the bassinet and we were set!

Kanga Care Mini Wet Bag

Kanga Care Cactus Wet Bag

You may be sensing a theme here - I tend to gravitate towards smaller, less bulky bags for on the go.

Make no mistake, though this bag is called “mini” it’s deceivingly small.

This half-moon-shaped wet bag (most wet bags are envelope style) holds up to seven diapers! Yes, I said seven!

What makes this bag particularly special is that it “pops up” so to speak.

Seriously, it just does. Once it’s attached to something it’s like having a small pail on the go!

The top forms a “lid’ making it easy to toss a diaper inside and even easier to zip close (and throw in more diapers than it should hold).

I love attaching these to our wagon thanks to its snap handle.

In my most humble opinion, there isn’t a wet bag that contains smell like Kanga Care.

Oh, and did I mention these are the softest wet bag you will ever touch?

Lighthouse Kids Company Medium Wet Bag

Lighthouse Kids Company Rainbow Wet Bag

This is one of the newest wet bags on the market.

If you are familiar with me at all, you’ll know that I adore “LKC” or Lighthouse Kids Company.

Their modern design and care taken to manufacture items that are easy to use and simply, makes sense!

These wet bags are no different.

Like the Planet Wise Wet Dry Bags, these wet bags feature two pockets, but these bags are all PUL. Either pocket can be used as the wet (or dry) side.

What’s incredibly unique about this bag is that there are two handles that snap on both sides of the bag!

Yep, you can come up with your own unique way to utilize these handles.

The addition of both handles that snap on both sides makes it incredibly easy to attach securely to your stroller without that droopy look or potential for diapers falling out.

These wet bags are incredibly stretchy, durable, and do a great job containing smell.

These versatile wet bags hold about 8-10 diapers.

I know that my top three wet bag picks are missing some truly, amazing wet bags. I know! I promise, at some point, I’ll go over ALL THE BAGS bit by bit!

Conclusion - What is a Cloth Diaper Wet Bag

Get at least two wet bags. That was pretty straight to the point, huh?

Yes, at least two- one to use and one to wash.

I’d recommend starting with a medium-sized bag that will hold between 3-6 diapers. This will suit most families.

Check out Planet Wise Wet Dry Bags today!