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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Top 5 Winter Cloth Diapers and Drink Pairings

I said BRRRR it’s cold in here.

There must be some winter prints in the atmosphere!

Winter to me here in California means pining for the snow I used to play in as a kid in the midwest.

The piping hot cocoa, wassail, and pretty much any warm beverage that warmed you up from the inside out.

I’m a big fan of food, coffee, tea, and fun prints.

So with that in mind, let’s jump into my 5 favorite winter cloth diaper prints paired with the best wintery beverages.

1. No Coffee Before Talkie

coffee before talkie winter cloth diaper

And I mean it.

Let me finish up this chestnut praline latte.

Chug chug chug

Okay! I’m ready now!

Coffee Before Talkie from Best Bottom and Planet Wise really warms up the soul and reminds me to caffeinate (like I really needed a reminder)!

My absolute favorite latte is an eggnog one, and it’s pretty simple to make with or without an espresso machine.

How To Make an Eggnog Latte with an Espresso Machine


  • 1 doubleshot
  • ½ cup eggnog and a splash of milk


  1. Steam eggnog with a splash of milk.
  2. Add to your double shot and top with whipped cream and nutmeg.

    How To Make an Eggnog Latte without an Espresso Machine


    • 1 cup of good strong coffee
    • ¼ cup eggnog, and a splash of milk


    1. Gently bring your eggnog and milk up to almost a boil.
    2. Carefully blend with an immersion blender or heat-safe blender to froth.
    3. Add to your cuppa joe and top with whipped cream and nutmeg.

    Super simple, super yummy!

    Want a little pep in that step?

    I won’t tell if you add a shot of brandy ;)

    2. Spiced Chai

    spiced chai

    Have you ever had authentic chai?

    I’m not talking about those chai tea lattes, but homemade chai?


    We live and breathe chai almost every morning at breakfast with some flakey, buttery paratha.

    What better way to celebrate Lighthouse Kids Company Spiced Chai solid than a chai recipe?

    This is how we make chai at home.

    The spices you use are entirely up to you!

    Wanting it spicy?

    Ginger and Cinnamon lend some sweetness and heat.

    Wanting more sweet notes? Star Anise and Mace!

    Let’s jump into this cup!

    Click on this link to find more information about Lighthouse Kids.

    How to Make a Spiced Chai Latte


    • 2 Cups Whole Milk
    • 4 Black Tea Bags (we love Danedar brand or Tea India for this, but Lipton works just fine!)
    • 1 One Inch Piece Cinnamon Stick (or 1tsp cinnamon powder)
    • 1 Black Peppercorn
    • 1 Star Anise
    • 2 Green Cardamom Pods lightly crushed
    • 1 Black Cardamom Pod
    • 1 Piece Mace
    • 1 Whole Clove
    • ⅛ Tsp Ginger Powder or ½ Inch Piece Fresh Ginger Peeled, Ground, Mashed, and Strained
    • Small Pinch of Salt Sugar to Taste


    1. Bring Milk to a simmer and add in the tea, the spices you are using-minus the cinnamon, clove, salt, and sugar.
    2. Allow simmering for a few minutes until the milk deepens in color.
    3. Add in the spices and allow them to bubble until the cinnamon’s aroma fills the room.
    4. Remove from the heat, strain, and serve!

    While you enjoy your chai, click here to discover the cute Spiced Chai cloth diaper collection now!

    3. Gnome is Where the Heart Is

    gnome is where the heart is cloth diaper

    Gnome is Where the Heart Is by Imagine Baby Products was easily my favorite winter print this last year.

    The mittens, the cocoa, and the gnomies!


    Hot cocoa, marshmallows, chocolate shavings, and whipped cream.

    YUM! Have you tried making a spicy hot chocolate?

    It’s no secret we live off all things spicy, and if I can add some heat to something, I’m going to do it!

    Spicy Hot Chocolate is pretty simple, and if you prefer to use a powdered mix, just cut the jalapeno into a quarter and stick it in the microwave when you warm up your water milk.

    How to Make Spicy Hot Chocolate


    • 4 cups Whole Milk (Half and Half if you want to indulge)
    • 1 Cup of semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips
    • 1 Vanilla Bean or a tsp of real vanilla extract
    • 1-3 Jalapenos (pending your heat tolerance)
    • 3-5 TBSP Sugar to taste


    1. Start by removing the stem from the Jalapenos and make a deep slit down the length of them.
    2. If you want to keep things, SPICY keep the seeds!
    3. Warm up the milk in a saucepot and drop in a split vanilla bean along with your Jalapenos.
    4. Once your milk has sufficiently warmed up, add in your chocolate and sugar.
    5. Mix until well combined and hot.
    6. Strain out the vanilla bean and jalapenos
    7. Serve with whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

    There you have it!

    A spicy way to stay warm during winter.

    Click here to check out the Gnome is Where the Heart Is Collection now!

    4. Polar Plaid

    polar plaid cloth diaper

    If anything doesn’t scream my cola of choice like Thirsties Polar Plaid, I don’t know what will!

    This beary cute print brings me back to those winter commercials.

    Do you know what I’m saying?

    But what can you possibly teach me about this one?

    Welp, if you don’t already know, making your cherry cola is quite simple and tastes even better.


    I italicized cherry because grenadine is pomegranate too, but oooooohhhh soooo yyuuuummmy.

    No recipe required.

    Grenadine + your fave pop (yes, it’s pop to me, and you can’t change my mind)

    A little, a lot, just a splash that’s all up to you!

    I will say that grenadine + a lemon-lime pop will have you remembering how cool you felt drinking a kiddie cocktail.

    5. Snow Day

    snow day winter cloth diapers

    As a kid, I never wanted to come in from playing in the snow, and snow days were the absolute best news you could get early in the morning from the local news station.

    Yes, I know.

    I’m really showing my age here.

    Best Bottom Snow Day brings me back to snowball fights and snow forts!

    What a better way to relive the past and warm up with some mulled cider or wine if that’s your thing!

    How To Make Mulled Cider


    • 1 Quart Apple Juice, Cider, or your favorite bottle of red wine
    • 1 Cinnamon Stick
    • 1 Allspice Berry
    • 1 Whole Clove
    • 1 Star Anise
    • 1 Black Peppercorn
    • 1 Orange Sliced


    1. Thinly All of the spices above are optional!
    2. If you don’t have something on hand or just don’t get down with clove- just omit it!
    3. Place all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a simmer.
    4. Strain if desired and serve hot.


    Conclusion - Best Winter Cloth Diaper Drink Pairings

    If you haven’t grabbed the winter prints yet, now is the time!

    My personal favorite is the Coffee Before Talkie collection.

    I love coffee and I love my little kiddos - what else do I need?

    Nothing brings me more joy on cold mornings than sipping my coffee and see my little one in their cute cloth diaper cover.

    There’s something incredibly punny and satisfying about sticking penguins on your kiddo when it’s sweltering in mid-August—celebrating Christmas in July?

    You definitely want to have alllll of these in your stash.

    Holiday prints around here are worn year-round and help bring out the holiday spirit - especially when we feel in low spirits.

    Drink up and warm up your insides.