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Best Spring Books for Toddlers - 14 Fun and Educational Choices

It’s finally here! Springtime is here!

Rolly Pollys, ladybugs, sun showers, and warmer weather- sign me up!

Reading and storytelling to babies and children encourage brain growth and creativity, as well as the development of language and feelings and the strengthening of relationships.

Enjoy the warmer weather and take your spring storytime outside if you’re feeling cooped up.

If you’re growing tired of your current in-home library and have memorized all of the books in your collection keep reading for our top 14 fun and educational books for toddlers!

Spring Books for Toddlers#1 Creep! Crawl!

Creep Craw Book

Show baby all the creepy crawly critters in a book that’s indestructible!

Learn about all of the creepy crawlers that springs brings about!

Who’s crawling on a leaf? Ladybug!

Who’s chirping in the grass? Grasshopper!

Who carries a house on its back? Snail!

Indestructibles are not only educational but also yes, indestructible.

Printed on a unique, nontoxic, and amazingly resilient paper-like material, the books are built for the way babies read—with their mouths.

And when INDESTRUCTIBLES get dirty, just rinse them off or throw them in the dishwasher—literally—and they’ll be all clean and ready for another round.

Spring Books for Toddlers#2 The Bunny Rabbit Show!

The Bunny Rabbit Show Book

When I think of spring I almost immediately think of bunnies and farm animals. Bring the farm to your home and your toddlers' inquisitive minds with our second on the list of spring books!

You’ve got front-row seats to the cutest revue in town—hop on down to The Bunny Rabbit Show!

The latest addition to Sandra Boynton’s phenomenal bestselling Boynton on Board series, this book stars a cast of high-kicking bunnies performing in perfect unison to a lively song all about . . . them.

We are ten terrific rabbits And we like to dance and sing.

Ten terrific rabbits.

We can do most anything.

Bunnies are very welcoming, so everyone (Boynton’s pigs, sheep, chickens, and YOU) can come join the chorus line—bunny ears mandatory, of course.

Spring Books for Toddlers #3 Animal Parade

Animal Parade Tummy Time Book

Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time on their tummy!

Tummy Time books are designed to be read- you guessed it on the tummy!

Make the best of tummy time with your baby with this two-in-one fold-out book of colorful animals and high-contrast black and white!

This tummy time book opens up to stand alone in a crib, on the carpet, or on a bed, making it easy for your baby to enjoy tummy time, all the time.

One side features vibrantly illustrated creatures marching merrily along (an alligator bangs a big drum, a bear carries festive balloons) and the opposite side includes high-contrast black and white patterns and animals, perfect for baby’s developing eyes.

And with two reflective pages, your baby can see him- or herself and practice those future smiles!

Since the American Academy of Pediatrics and other top pediatric organizations around the world recommend tummy time to help “build the strength and coordination needed for rolling over, crawling, reaching, and playing” this book is not just fun, it’s also good for your baby.

Spring Books for Toddlers #4 Mama Feeds Me All The Colors

Mama Feeds Me All the Colors Book

The spring season brings out all sorts of new colors and foods.

You can help guide your toddler through learning all of these new and exciting colors while celebrating breastfeeding!

Baby is hungry. What can she eat? Red strawberries, a yellow banana, a green avocado, or an orange peach?

Not quite yet. But she will taste these wonderful fruits and vegetables every day when Mom feeds her with her milk.

This board book celebrates the magic of breastfeeding while presenting babies with other delicious natural foods and introducing them by color.

On one page baby will learn all about red foods, and on the next, they will discover delicious green foods, all culminating in learning about the most important food of all!

With simple text and beautiful illustrations, Mama Feeds Me All the Colors: A Book of Breastfeeding is an appreciation of breastfeeding mothers everywhere and an important step in normalizing such a vital tradition.

A great resource for nursing babies and expectant parents, the book includes two pages of basic information about breastfeeding in the back.

Spring Books for Toddlers #5 One Rainy Day

One Rainy Day Book

This cute book about the days' adventures of a fluffy little duck and a fun way to learn about colors and the outdoors while being short enough to hold your toddler’s attention.

Little Hedgehog is delighted when wakes up to find it is raining.

At last, he can try out his lovely new raincoat hat and boots, and his wonderful sparkly umbrella.

But soon the rain get fast and the wind gets blowier and Little Hedgehog's rainy day turn into a great big adventure

Spring Books for Toddlers #6 How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

Crayon Book

When we're alone things can seem dark and gloomy, gray and boring.

But when we work together we can create all the colors of the rainbow making our world a fantastic and exciting place

The Sun and the Clouds are best friends.

Together they keep the world warm, the gardens growing, and the sky full of beautiful rainbows.

But one day they get into a fight and refuse to be in the sky together. And that means there are no longer any rainbows.

Without rainbows, the colors start disappearing until Earth was left with no color … except for one little forgotten box of crayons on one little school desk.

Determined to save the rainbows and fix the Sun and Clouds’ friendship, the crayons draw rainbows all over town.

Their attempts go unnoticed.

Soon they realize that they’re going to have to do something big to get the attention of the former friends.

So, the crayons create the biggest rainbow they can and hope it’s enough to bring color back to the world.

Spring Books for Toddlers #7 Little Monkey Calms Down

Monkey Book

Explore and normalize big emotions in a way that little humans can understand.

Little Monkey can help your child learn to name their feelings and discuss ways to recover when feels seem HUGE.

Little Monkey is having a bad day.

After a major meltdown, he goes to his room and uses some coping techniques to calm down.

He sings a a quiet song, cuddles with his blankie, and learns how to take deep breaths.

A relatable book for toddlers that teaches self-soothing in an effective way. Little Monkey is having a bad day.

After a major meltdown, he goes to his room and uses some coping techniques to calm down.

Spring Books for Toddlers #8 Good Night, Gorilla

Gorilla Book

Mischief, friendship, and cuddles. This book is sure to be fun for your toddler.

There a just a couple of words so you and your child are free to tell your own story from the pictures while they learn about animals and being silly.

Good night, Gorilla. Good night, Elephant. It's bedtime at the zoo, and all the animals are going to sleep.

Or are they?

Who's that short, furry guy with the key in his hand and the mischievous grin?

Good night, Giraffe. Good night, Hyena. Sneak along behind the zookeeper's back, and see who gets the last laugh in this riotous good-night romp.

Spring Books for Toddlers #9 The Wonkey Donkey

Donkey Book

A little different? You don't say?

This crazy book plays around with all kinds of rhymes and rhythms and imaginative words that are sure to leave you and your toddler giggling.

There is even a song! Kids will love this cumulative and hysterical read-aloud!

"I was walking down the road and I saw . . . A donkey, Hee Haw! And he only had three legs! He was a wonky donkey."

Children will be in fits of laughter with this perfect read-aloud tale of an endearing donkey.

By the book's final page, readers end up with a spunky, hanky-panky, cranky, stinky, dinky, lanky, honky-tonky, winky wonky donkey!

Spring Books for Toddlers #10 Grumpy Monkey

The Grumpy Monkey

The hilarious #1 New York Times bestselling picture book about a chimpanzee in a very bad mood--perfect for young children learning how to deal with confusing feelings.

Jim the chimpanzee is in a terrible mood for no good reason.

His friends can't understand it--how can he be in a bad mood when it's SUCH a beautiful day?

They have lots of suggestions for how to make him feel better. But Jim can't take all the advice...and has a BIT of a meltdown.

Could it be that he just needs a day to feel grumpy?

Suzanne and Max Lang bring hilarity and levity to this very important lesson on emotional literacy, demonstrating to kids that they are allowed to feel their feelings.

Spring Books for Toddlers #11 Everyone Poops

Poop Book

Who knew, did you?

Everybody Poops is a fun way to open up the concept of body awareness and to normalize bodily functions in time to get ready for potty learn!

An elephant makes a big poop.

A mouse makes a tiny poop.

Everyone eats, so of course: everyone poops!

Taro Gomi's classic, a go-to picture book for straight-talk on all things "number 2" is back, as fresh and funny as ever.

The concept of going to the bathroom is made concrete through this illustrated narrative that is both verbally and visually engaging.

Everyone Poops is just right for potty-training, gift-giving, and everyday reading with smart, curious readers.

Spring Books for Toddlers #12 Not Quite Snow White

not quite snow white

An inspiring book about self-confidence and loving who you are no matter what others think.

A picture book for magical yet imperfect children everywhere, written by debut author Ashley Franklin and perfect for fans of such titles as Matthew A. Cherry's Hair Love, Grace Byers's I Am Enough, and Lupita Nyong'o's Sulwe.

Tameika is a girl who belongs on the stage.

She loves to act, sing, and dance—and she’s pretty good at it, too.

So when her school announces their Snow White musical, Tameika auditions for the lead princess role.

But the other kids think she’s “not quite” right to play the role. T

hey whisper, they snicker, and they glare.

Will Tameika let their harsh words be her final curtain call?

Not Quite Snow White is a delightful and inspiring picture book that highlights the importance of self-confidence while taking an earnest look at what happens when that confidence is shaken or lost.

Tameika encourages us all to let our magic shine.

Spring Books for Toddlers #13 Fly!

Bird Book

This book tells the entire story with just pictures allowing you and your child to get creative and narrate your own story every time you read it.

Mama bird thinks it’s time for Baby bird’s first flight, but Baby bird has other ideas in this humorous wordless picture book from New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Mark Teague.

It’s a big day up in the tree that Mama bird shares with her baby.

Mama bird thinks Baby bird is finally ready to leave the nest and learn to fly so he can migrate south with the rest of their flock.

But Baby bird isn’t so sure.

Can’t his mother keep bringing him worms in their nest?

Can’t he migrate in a hot air balloon instead?

Or perhaps a car?

This silly wordless picture book will keep young readers giggling as Baby bird figures out that he must flap his wings and learn to fly—whether he likes it or not!

Spring Books for Toddlers #14 The Skin You Live In!

The skin you live in book

Learn about the diversity and importance of the skin we all have.

This rhythmic book helps open the conversation to the importance of fostering the curiosity our children have surrounding learning about others.

With the ease and simplicity of a nursery rhyme, this lively story delivers an important message of social acceptance to young readers.

Themes associated with child development and social harmony, such as friendship, acceptance, self-esteem, and diversity are promoted in simple and straightforward prose.

Vivid illustrations of children's activities for all cultures, such as swimming in the ocean, hugging, catching butterflies, and eating birthday cake are also provided.

This delightful picture-book offers a wonderful venue through which parents and teachers can discuss important social concepts with their children.

Conclusion - Best Spring Books for Toddlers

Boy Reading

When you’re over and done reading the “baby” books consider “writing” your own! Tonight, don't read your child a story.

Instead, dim the light, lie down, and create storytelling magic.

Weave a spell that will enchant your child!

Written by an award-winning playwright, Tell Me A Story In The Dark provides you with every tool you need to tell great and entertaining stories.

In a day when parents want to spend more quality time with their children, Tell Me A Story In The Dark:

  • Shows you how to prepare and tell a story.
  • Communicates the enormous benefits—ending the bedtime battle of wills, building vocabulary, making room for effective sustainable parenting moments.
  • Provides a treasure trove of stories that parents (and grandparents) can adapt for their children.
  • Teaches you how to make up and tell your own stories.

Anyone who loves children will love this book.