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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Best Bottom Diapers 2021 March Madness Bracket Breakdown


Signs of Spring begin to arrive, days get longer, birds chirp, and one of the most time-honored traditions for sports, er, cloth diaper fans, is upon us!

It’s time for Best Bottom March Madness!!!

In the words of the legendary Dickie V, it’s “Diaper Dandy!”

Will, there be a clear front runner, or will Cinderella sneak in and win the Big Dance?

Only time will tell, but without further ado, let’s get acquainted with this year's “teams.”

Northwestern Division Best Bottom Diapers

best bottom cloth diapers northwestern bracket

We start our bracket in the Northwest.

This bracket consists of Flower Child, Pacifica, Aurelia, and Hint of Mint.

Flower Child

What more is there to say?

She’s an ethereal character full of whimsy and grace.

Her Lilac outer is complemented by a magenta trim and teal snaps and gussets.

She’s a real beauty!


This gorgeous entry assumes a subtle elegance that others can only dream of encompassing.

It is a monochromatic look of a Periwinkle outer, trim, snaps, and gussets.

No matter the occasion, it is sure to please.


There’s no denying that jellyfish or Aurelia aurita are some of the most beautiful and enthralling creatures in the ocean.

This entry fulfills that same simplistic beauty.

It is made up of a Black outer and trims and a crisp light blue gusset and snaps.

Hint of Mint

Rounding out our Northwest bracket, we have Hint of Mint.

As history has shown, fans seem to gravitate towards anything with mint.

This entry will likely please all of our mint lovers.

It is a Slate outer with a mint trim and snap as well as a white gusset.

This would look gorgeous on any tiny little love!

Southwestern Division Best Bottom Diapers

best bottom cloth diapers southwest bracket

Let’s move on to the next bracket in the Southwest.

Here we will find All That, Starburst, Things-ma-jigger, and Feeling Dangerous.

This bracket takes the subtle beauty of the Northwest and throws it out the window. T

hese are bold and a little more daring, but will it be enough?

All That

First off is All That.

Who remembers the 90s Nickelodeon colors.

Slime, gak, gameshows! Ahhh, those were the days.

This entry is a beautiful Avocado green

Outer trimmed in white with Orange gussets and snaps.

It gives us all of the Vintage Nick vibes!


Do you love citrus?

Then you’ll love Starburst.

If there ever was a diaper to make even the grumpiest grump smile, this might be it!

A Lemon yellow trim and snaps enhance a bright Orange outer.

To add a little bit of “extra,” we have included white gussets for your viewing pleasure.

Wow...this one is sure to please!


“Here we go go go go, on and adventure!

The Thingamajigger is up and away!”

Man, the Cat in the Hat sure knew what he was doing.

This gives us all of the Seussical vibes.

A red outer is trimmed in a Caribbean blue and accented with white snaps and gussets.

We can see this one working for any occasion!

Feeling Dangerous

A true nod to our local hero, Feeling Dangerous, pays homage to the Browns’ success and their hopeful return to a “real” team.

A brown outer with Orange trim and white snaps and gussets will ensure that your little one wakes up ready to take on the day and “Feelin’ Dangerous!” - but not TOO dangerous ;-)

Northeastern Division Best Bottom Diapers

best bottom cloth diapers northeast bracket

Let’s continue our trek and head back north to the Northeast bracket.

Here we find Jewels, Mardi Gras, Highlight, and Paw Print.


Who can resist a jewel tone.

They have been at the forefront of fashion and home decor in the last several years.

This entry is made up of an Emerald green outer trimmed in navy blue and accented with goldenrod snaps and gussets.

Mardi Gras

What do you think when you think of New Orleans?

Mardi Gras, we suspect.

While we can’t throw you beads, we can show you this gorgeous diaper of bold tones that reflect the celebration.

This has a proper Royal Purple outer trimmed in a beautiful Goldenrod.

Red snaps and emerald gussets finish it off with the perfect final touches!


Wait, where are my shades?

This entry is sure to impress with its’ neon “highlighter” yellow outer, black trim, and neon blue snaps and gussets.

Neon has been all the rage lately, thanks in part to all of us 80s/90s babies trying to relive our youth!

This entry is sure to give you those nostalgic vibes and ensure that your babe is on top of the fashion train! Choo Choo!!!

Paw Print

Blue Skiddo, we can too! Anyone else sensing a theme?

I’d say the creators had their minds on their youth when coming up with some of these submissions.

Paw Print is a beautiful Neon Blue Outer, yep, the same one that was on Highlight, trimmed in a slightly darker blue and accented with white gussets and snaps.

I think Blue would have found this clue!! Whew, our journey is almost over!

Southeastern Division Best Bottom Diapers

best bottom cloth diapers southeast bracket

Our final bracket takes us to the Southeast.

Our final bracket is a beautiful collection made up of Bloom, Hug Time, Gingy, and Buttercream. Let’s meet them!


Wow, is all I can say. This entry is bold, confident, and classic.

A Rose outer is complemented in a classic navy blue.

Add in Sage snaps and gussets, and you have a real winner.

Hug Time

Princess Poppy would want to hug this one for sure.

A beautiful Purple outer is trimmed in a gorgeous, bright Magenta.

Aruba snaps and gussets finish this one off for an authentic princess vibe.


Oh my heart!

Camel and Black have been my go-to color palette this last season. Gingy encompasses all of those neutral vibes for me.

A black outer is trimmed in an on-trend Camel tone and matching snaps.

To finish this beauty off, we added Ivory gussets for a little pop of airy.


Last but certainly not least, we have Buttercream.

For this entry, we went back to the basics.

There is something about a white diaper that is special.

This simplistic beauty has an Ivory outer with matching gussets and trim.

We finished it off with a Camel color snap for a simple POP of color.

This one is sure not to disappoint.

Conclusion - Best Bottom Diapers March Madness

Wow! We made it.

Now that you’re here, the rest is up to you!

Beginning on March 16, you will see two diapers from the bracket in a faceoff. Your “Likes” on the Best Bottom Facebook page are where you vote.

Simply “Like” the image of the diaper you like best, and that will secure your vote.

Each daily (weekdays only) winner will move on to the next round until we reach the final matchup.

The winner will be crowned after a nearly two-week battle on April 5, 2021.

The fate of these diapers is up to each and every one of them.

If there is one that you MUST have, tell your friends, family, co-workers, and have them join us on the Best Bottom Facebook page and VOTE!!

We are so excited to have you all with us during this year's tournament.

While getting ready for this year's March Madness, why not check out last year's competitors?

We still have some of the Best Bottom Diapers that were featured in last years bracket and other great options.

Don't forget - any order over $10 gets free shipping!

Click here to check out the Best Bottom Diapers from last year now!

We had a good time designing this year, but your happiness is always our first priority. Keep your eyes open for some surprises along the way.

Who knows what could pop up on our journey.

Don’t forget to check in daily and HAPPY VOTING!!! May the best “Team” win!