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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Best Bottom Diapers 2021 March Madness Round 2 Recap

We’re so close to a winner - I can almost taste it!

Looking at this Final Four we’ve got left; I don’t think there could be a disappointing winner.

These are some top-notch selections, and all of them would be gorgeous in an actual, tangible product!

Let’s recap what we saw this round, shall we?

Best Bottom Diapers Western Conference Round 2 Recap

Flower Child vs. Aurelia

best bottom diapers march madness matchup 1

Our first matchup put the whimsical Flower Child up against the strong and classic Aurelia.

The swoon-worthy simplicity of Aurelia took you guys, and it won by a commanding score of 107 to 244.

Starburst vs. Things-ma-jigger

best bottom diapers march madness matchup 2

Next, on the bracket’s Western side, we saw Starburst and Thinga-ma-jigger in an epic battle.

This was one of our closest contests ever, but in the end, Thinga-ma-jigger snuck by with a 6 point margin, 162 to 168!

It looks like someone called in some favors in the final seconds!

In the March Madness mood?

Why not celebrate with the newly released Fall Skies print from Best Bottom Diapers!

fall skies best bottom diapers all in one

A favorite of last year, finally here in all of it's blue and orange glory!

You guys voted for this one like crazy last year, and we heard you!

Check out the Fall Skies Best Bottom Diapers print now!

Best Bottom Diapers Eastern Conference Round 2 Recap

Jewel vs. Highlighter

best bottom diapers march madness matchup 3

Let’s head to the East now.

Our 3rd Elite 8 contest brought us Jewels vs. Highlighter.

I’m not sure I was surprised by this one, but Highlighter ran away in a landslide victory of 89 votes to 222 votes.

You guys apparently really like neons and the classics.

Hug Time vs. Gingy

best bottom diapers march madness matchup 4

Our final showdown was between the fun-loving Hug Time and the modern-day neutral, Gingy.

This one was a shock to me as I expected Gingy to keep this a much closer ball game than it was.

Hug Time came away with the W, with an impressive 211 to 61.

Best Bottom Diapers March Madness Final Four

Now that our Final Four is set let’s get a full rundown.

The first pairing will meet on Thursday, April 1, at 8 am.

This will be a hard-fought showdown between the simplistic stylings of Aurelia, featuring a basic black diaper with light blue accents and the amazing Thinga-ma-jigger.

Will this stunner be able to keep the pace and match its 244 votes from each of the first two rounds, or will the fun and classic red, white and blue of Thinga-ma-jigger emerge victoriously and win a ticket to the championship?

Based on the first two rounds, this should be a good matchup.

The second pairing is going to begin on Friday, April 2, at 8 am.

This will bring us Highlighter vs. Hug Time.

Highlighter brings me all of the 90s neon vibes with the highlighter yellow, black, and neon blue accents.

It’s a natural beauty and would look adorable on all of the little babes.

Hug Time is much more “girly” and bold, albeit in a different way.

She has a royal purple, magenta, and a beautiful teal.

Will the boy moms rally to take on the hug-loving girl moms?

Only time will tell...

Conclusion - Best Bottom Diapers March Madness Round Two Recap

Best Bottom Diapers Fall Skies Cloth Diaper

What is your guess?

Which two do you think we will see in the final showdown on Monday, April 5?

I have my hunch, but I’ll keep it to myself for now!

In the meantime, don't forget to celebrate March Madness with the Best Bottom Diapers Fall Skies print!

This newly released simple print was a favorite of last year's competition and I know all of you have been waiting for it!

Now that we are this close, it’s more important than ever to tell your friends and family about this fun contest.

Get your votes in to ensure that your favorite ends up as a Regular Line Up Best Bottom in the near future.

Perhaps more surprises will drop over the next year, but the only guarantee will be the winner of the 2021 Best Bottom March Madness tournament.

Good luck, and may the best diaper win!!