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Best Bottom Diapers 2021 March Madness Round 1 Recap


We’ve made it through the first round of the 2021 Best Bottom March Madness season, and what a ride it was!

We have slimmed down from our field of 16 to the elite 8.

Did your favorites make the cut, is there a Cinderella among us?

Only time will tell; for now, let’s recap the first round, shall we?

Best Bottom Diapers Western Conference Round 1 Recap

Let’s start in the Western Conference!

Flower Child vs. Pacifica

best bottom diapers pacifica vs. flower child

Our first matchup featured two beautiful entries - Flower Child vs. Pacifica.

This was our highest voted upon matchup thus far, and the race was neck and neck the entire day.

In the end, Flower Child pulled out the win with a final score of 186 to 178.

Hint of Mint vs. Aurelia

best bottom diapers hint of mint vs. aurelia

Next, we saw Hint of Mint take on Aurelia.

I expected this would be a much closer result than it was, but you guys seemed to be drawn to Aurelia’s simplistic beauty.

The black stunner took the contest 244 votes to 62.

Starburst vs. All That

best bottom diapers all that vs. starburst

Our third matchup was made in the 90s. Starburst faced off against All That, giving us all of the neon 90s vibes.

In the end, Starburst won in a landslide, 242-53.

Feeling Dangerous vs. Thinga-ma-Jigger

best bottom diapers thinga-ma-jigger vs. feeling dangerous

Rounding out the West side of the bracket, we had Feeling Dangerous vs. Thinga-ma-Jigger.

Not surprising to most of us, the classic red, white and blue stylings of Thinga-ma-jigger took home with victory with an astounding 258 votes to 54.

Best Bottom Diapers Eastern Conference Round 1 Recap

Let’s head on over to the Eastern half of this year's bracket.

Mardi Gras vs. Jewels

best bottom diapers mardi gras vs. jewels

Our first East matchup was a showdown between the richest, most luxurious colors on the bracket.

Mardi Gras started out strong but was no match for the rich beauty of Jewels.

Jewels was a clear winner with a final score of 168 to 89.

Highlight vs. Paw Print

best bottom diapers paw print vs. highlight

It seems with our next matchup, you guys had to sit down in your thinking chairs and think, think, think.

At the end of the day, all of that thinking resulted in Highlight pulling out a stellar victory 199-149.

That was a fun one to watch.

Hug Time vs. Bloom

best bottom diapers hug time vs. bloom

In the matchup that showed us two of the most feminine and beautiful entries of the year, we had Hug Time and Bloom.

I really thought that the unique Magenta and Navy styling of Bloom would pull off the win, but alas, it seems the masses are more drawn to the poppin nature of Hug Time with her bold purple, magenta, and emerald.

Hug Time was the clear winner with 200 votes versus 112 votes.

Gingy vs. Buttercream

best bottom diapers gingy vs buttercream

And finally, we got back to basics with Gingy vs. Buttercream.

This one was a HUGE toss-up initially. Would the fashion trends of blacks and camels reign supreme, or would classic ivory slide to victory?

At the end of this highly contested battle, we saw Gingy take home the win 157 to 144.

Conclusion - Best Bottom Diapers March Madness 2021 Round 1 Recap

So now that we have our winners from round one, let’s go through a quick rundown of the round of 8.

On Friday, March 26, the first matchup will take place from the Western bracket.

It will showcase Flower Child vs. Aurelia.

Will the whimsy take the crown, or will simplistic beauty show its power?

On Monday, March 29, be sure to check out the Best Bottom Page to get your vote in for Starburst vs. Thinga-ma-jigger.

These were both big vote-getters in round one, so it will be fun to see who can come out on top of this one.

Tuesday, March 30, we will head east for our first matchup between Jewels and Highlight.

These two couldn’t be more different, so it should be a fun and exciting day.

Finally, Wednesday, March 31, will bring us the final head-to-head for the Elite 8.

Hug Time will wage an epic battle against Gingy.

Bold or Simple, it’s your choice!

This sure has been a fun season thus far.

Make sure you tell your friends, neighbors, sisters, best friends, and mothers to join us and get their votes in.

The more, the merrier.