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Spray Pal Splatter Shield

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The Spray Pal Splatter Shield makes it easier to spray dirty diapers with no splattering mess! With the Spray Pal Splatter Shield you can use full water pressure to get those sticky, messy diapers rinsed off without getting dirty splatter on your walls, floor or you. The wide opening allows you to easily get your hand inside.

It is easy to use and also folds flat for storage. Store it beside or behind the toilet or slip it into a medium or large wetbag! Be sure to watch the video below for complete instruction - you will see just how practical and easy it is to use.

The Newly Re-Designed Spray Pal Splatter Shield features a wider clip to keep diapers more open when spraying, a clip mouth that will open wider for thicker cloth diapers, and a stronger clip to keep your Spray Pal working all through your children's cloth diapering years.

Made in the USA with US and imported materials.