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Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers - Natural/Yarrow

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Sustainablebabyish Overnight Bamboo Fitted Diapers are made from bamboo organic cotton fleece that is super absorbent and soft! These fabulous diapers are perfect for night time, nap time and day time. Each diaper includes a shell with a double-length 3-layer snap-in fleece soaker. This soaker can be folded to customize absorption for your baby. (See picture below.) Also included is a separate, extra lay-in 3-layer fleece doubler to boost absorbency even more when and where it is needed. When you pair the Overnight Bamboo Fittedwith a Sustainablebabyish Wool Cover, you won't have to worry about leaks ever again! Durable snaps close around the waist.

The x-small size has a snap down for the umbilical cord and both the large and x-large sizes feature hip snaps for sizing up. These diapers are designed to fit below the belly and have durable snaps to close snugly around the waist. Sustainablebabyish Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers require a waterproof cover. Pair with one of the five different Sustainablebabyish Wool Covers for a leak-proof combination!

Fully Extended Rise
13" w/snap down
9" - 15"
5" - 7" 5 - 11 pounds
15" 10" - 18" 5" - 10" 9 - 16 pounds
17" 12" - 21" 7" - 14" 14 - 22 pounds
18" 14" - 24" 8" - 15" 22 - 32 pounds
19" 15" - 27" 8" - 17" 32+ pounds

Fabric content:  70% viscose from bamboo / 30% organic cotton

Made in China.

Soaker Chart