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Sloomb Emulsifying Cubes - Peppermint & Lavender

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Sloomb Emulsifying Cubes from Bee Green Naturals are wool wash cubes that will make it easier for you to lanolize your wool covers.

To lanolize, just melt 1 cube, add 1 teaspoon of lanolin, melt and then follow your basic lanolizing steps.

To use for washing only, melt a cube or 2 in hot water and add to a warm water bath. Gently squeeze woolies to cleanse.

Only natural ingredients are used and no SLS, so you will see very few bubbles. Don't worry, that doesn't mean the wool isn't getting clean!

Sloomb Emulsifying Cubes are made from mild soaps and nourishing oils. Fragrance is also added to give the wool covers a soft scent. 

Approximately 25 cubes per tub.

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