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Pink Lemonade Shop 9" Cotton Velour Day Pad - Solid Color

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Cotton Velour Pink Lemonade Reusable Cloth Padshave a Cotton Velour top, an absorbent core of Bamboo Fleece and a water resistant backing made of WindPro Fleece. Cotton Velour is soft, absorbent and vegan friendly. Available in rich solid colors, Cotton Velour is a natural fabric and can stain. Rinsing in cool water right after use will help minimize staining. WindPro Fleece is professional quality, breathable, and water resistant.

All Pink Lemonade reusable Cloth Pads and Pantyliners have tab style wings and fasten with a quality poly-resin snap.

To care for your Pink Lemonade Reusable Cloth Pad, rinse in cold water after use then toss into your laundry basket or wet bag until wash day. Machine wash and tumble dry in warm or cool water and dry cycle. Do not use bleach, vinegar, softeners or other additives.

Available in Assorted Solid Colors! Because fabrics are used for different sizes and frequently changed, pads are sold as assorted solids. When ordering, you will receive what we have available.

Pink Lemonade Reusable Cloth Padsare available in the following sizes and are sold individually:
  • 7.5" Regular Panty Liners are 2 1/2 inches wide and great for every day freshness and light incontinence protection.
  • 8" Light Pads are 2 1/2 inches wide and great for light flow days, light incontinence protection, menstrual cup backup, and tweens or teens.
  • 9" Day Pads are 2 1/2 inches wide and great for light to moderate flow, mild to moderate incontinence, and tweens or teens.
  • 10" Heavy Pads are 3 inches wide and great for moderate to heavy flow.
  • 11" Overnight Pads are 3 inches wide and great for heavy to overnight flow.
  • 13" Postpartum Pads are 3 inches wide and great for overnight flow and postpartum flow.