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Nicki's Diapers Ultimate Bamboo Insert

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The Nicki's Diapers Ultimate Bamboo Inserts are the perfect addition to your Nicki's Diapers all-in-one diaper collection. Made with 6 layers of absorbent bamboo viscose and topped with stay dry fleece, these inserts are both super absorbent and trim, while still keeping your baby feeling dry.

While the Nicki's Diapers One-Size Ultimate Bamboo Insert can be used with many different diapers and covers, the 2 back snaps and sewn-in fold line make it the perfect size to swap in with your One-Size Nicki's Diapers Ultimate All-in-Ones, Bamboo All-in-Ones, or Bamboo Overnight Fitteds. Similarly the Nicki's Diapers Newborn Ultimate Bamboo Insert is just right for the Newborn Ultimate All-in-Ones, Newborn Bamboo All-in-Ones, or even the Newborn Bamboo Overnight Fitteds.

One-Size: 4.75" x 15"

Newborn: 3.75" x 9.75"