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Nicki's Diapers Snapless Cotton Fitted Diaper

The Nicki's Diapers Snapless Fitted Diapers combine the simplicity of prefold diapers with the ease of fitted diapers. They have gentle elastic around the legs and back and a wraparound waist.  Use with your favorite closures for a custom fit. This is a great go-to work horse of a diaper for any cloth diaper stash!
The Nicki's Diapers Snapless Fitted Diapers are sized to be trim on your baby. When washed and dried, they quilt up to an incredibly absorbent softness. Cover them with any diaper cover for a leak-proof option! Try them coverless outside or around the house for extra breathablility!

The Nicki's Diapers Snapless Cotton Fitted Diapers are made from 100% cotton (either white, unbleached, or organic) and the Nicki's Diapers Snapless Bamboo Fitted Diapers from 55% Bamboo and 45% Organic Cotton.

Before use, yourNicki's Diapers Snapless Fitted Diapers need to be washed and dried 4-5 times, using detergent at each wash and drying between -- this will help them quilt up and reach their full absorbency!

Prints have a layer of 100% cotton print sewn down the outer middle of the diaper.

*all sizes available in white, unbleached, organic and bamboo
Stitching Color
Middle Layer Thickness
4-10 pounds
6 ply
7-17 pounds
8 ply
12-25 pounds
8 ply
15-30+ pounds
8 ply

To use:
  1. Secure fitted on baby (use your favorite closures)
  2. Cover with waterproof cover
  3. Change fitted diaper when wet or soiled. Cover may be re-used.
Care Instructions:
  1. Knock solids into toilet
  2. Cold rinse or light wash (no detergent)
  3. Warm or hot wash (with detergent), extra rinse
  4. Tumble or line dry