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Nicki's Diapers Gender Reveal Package


Let us help you with revealing the gender of you or a friendís sweet new little one. Our Reveal Package includes a super snuggly Nickiís Diapers Bamboo Blanket and an adorable Nickiís Diapers Newborn Ultimate AIO (Snap) in Blues or Purples/Pinks. You can choose from Boy, Girl, or Surprise. These adorable packages will be wrapped in gender neutral packaging so there is sure to be a great surprise when itís opened. There will also be a card included congratulating you on your new little son or daughter.

This package is 15% off Retail!

Prints and colors are chosen by Nickiís Diapers.

How it works!

If you are throwing a party for someone else and know the gender just choose boy/girl and your package will be sent in gender neutral packaging within the standard 1-3 business days.

If itís a surprise for yourself simply choose surprise and Nickiís will email you within 1-2 business day to ask how youíd like to get the secret information to us. You can have a friend or family member email us and let us know the gender or mail the top secret results to us. Once we receive the gender of your little one we will get your package shipped out right away. Results will be disposed of after order is shipped.