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Nicki's Diapers Fleece Wipes - Lime/Navy


Looking for a eco friendly solution to disposable baby wipes? You wound it with Nicki’s Diapers Fleece wipes. These wipes are super soft against babys skin and maintain that softness even after washing. The fabric doesn’t hold stains easily so your wipes will look brand new for many uses! These wipes can also be used as a stay-dry liner to protect your cloth diaper from diaper creams and ointments.

Nicki’s Diapers Fleece Wipes measure 8” x 8” and come in a pack of 10.


These wipes are made of 100% polyester fleece. This super soft material is long-lasting and retains softness even through multiple washes.

Wash and Care

It’s always recommended to wash any new products before use, to remove any dust from manufacturing and shipping.

Washing Your Wipes:

1) Remove any solids

2) Machine wash on warm/hot with additive-free detergent in cloth diaper laundry or clothes. We recommend the use of Tide detergent.
Do not use detergents with added softeners or stain removers.
No Bleach.

3) Line dry or tumble dry or on low/medium.

Nicki’s Recommendation

We recommend having 24+ fleece wipes.