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Momma Goose Baltic Amber Teething Bracelets - Cognac

Momma Goose Amber Teething Bracelets are made of the same true Baltic Amber, a natural resin as the necklaces. When worn against the skin, your body heat warms the resin causing it to release succunic acid,  natural healing oil. This is absorbed into the skin and blood stream. Baltic Amber has analgesic properties and has been a form of natural pain relief for thousands of years. It is also known to reduce inflammation in the throat, ears and stomach. These properties make it an ideal form of relief from pain and inflammation in a teething baby.

This product is meant to be worn against the skin and under clothing. It it not designed to be chewed or sucked on and should be used under adult supervision. It should not be worn when your baby is sleeping unless it is around your baby's ankle and it is covered by a sleeper or is inaccessible to your baby.

Size:  Bracelets - approximately 5.5 inches long

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