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Lenny Lamb Long Woven Wraps - High Tide


The LennyLamb Long Woven Wrap distributes the weight of your baby well, so it is not all on your back. This type of baby carrier is highly recommended by physiotherapists.

One of the best advantage of baby wraps is that there are no age or weight limitations! You can start using your LennyLamb Long Woven Wrap on day one and until your child is older and too heavy to wear comfortably. Use wraps t carry you child tummy to tummy, cradle, hip or back carries - whichever one you prefer or works best for you at the time.

LennyLamb products are well made from high quality fabrics that are very durable!

The wrap size you choose depends on the babywearer - not on the baby. If you like fancy finishes when you wrap, be sure to choose a longer wrap!

Size: Length: Width:
XSmall 3.6 meters
0.7 meters
Small 4.2 meters 0.7 meters
Medium 4.6 meters 0.7 meters
Large 5.2 meters 0.7 meters
XLarge 6.0 meters 0.7 meters