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Lalabye Baby One Size Diaper Cover - Breathe



Lalabye Baby One Size Diaper Covers are made of a lightweight, water-resistant fabric called TPU. They have a laminated interior that can be wiped clean and reused - with the internal snaps for inserts, it can double as an All-in-Two! TPU is soft and stretchy, giving this diaper cover a snug, comfy fit. 

One Size Diaper Covers will fit your baby from 8-35+ pounds, making them great for newborn through toddler years. The snap closures are rainbow-colored to make diaper changes easy with a perfect fit each time. The water-resistant belly band prevents leaks at the tummy and also prevents inserts from moving up. If your baby is a tummy sleeper, these will work great! 

Lalabye Baby Diaper Covers can be used with flats, prefolds, fitted, or inserts.