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Lalabye Baby Newborn Diaper - Down By the Bay


Lalabye Baby Newborn AI2 Cloth Diapers are sized to fit babies from 5-12 pounds, giving your little one a trimmer fit and no added bulk. These cute diapers are made with the same soft TPU outer layer that is waterproof and micro-suede lining as the regular Lalabye Diaper.

Each Lalabye Baby Newborn Diaper includes 1 small bamboo insert made of 4 layers of bamboo terry. The 3 rise settings and aplix (hook & loop) closure make it simple to adjust for a perfect fit every time. The newborn shell has a wide pocket opening in the back along with a snap. Stuff insert into pocket and/or snap it on. The waterproof belly band prevents leaks at the tummy and the micro-suede lining (a stay-dry fabric) keeps your baby feeling dry. 

Size: Fits babies from 5-12 pounds

Lalabye Baby Newborn 2.0 Cloth Diaper

Lalabye Baby Newborn 2.0 Cloth Diaper