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Frida FridaMom - Perineal Comfort Cushion

Sold Out
With ‘rhoids, swelling and even tearing, something as simple as sitting will be a real pain in the...butt. The Perineal Comfort Cushion provides a much-needed relief from vag to tush in a discreet go-anywhere pillow. Sit on the donut side to relieve pressure, or flip it over and insert the reusable cold pack (included) to reduce perineal pain and swelling. Go on and give yourself a seat [and sigh] of relief.

• TWIST, FOLD + GO: Cushion Auto-expands (no batteries or blowing required)
• COMPACT + PORTABLE: Design discreetly goes wherever you go - one less pain in the butt

• DONUT WORRY: Open “donut” space reduces pressure while sitting.

•VERY COOL: Reusable contoured cold pack to cool sore perineal areas

• TWO SIDED: Donut side to relieve pressure, cold therapy side to reduce pain and swelling.

WHAT’IS INSIDE?:1 Cushion, 1 Reusable Cold Pack, 1 Machine-washable Cover