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Frida FridaBaby Fridet The ButtWasher


The NoseFrida's Fridet the ButtWasher is a portable bidet that is simple to use and effective. Instead of harsh chemicals water is used so it is very gentle. Using the ButtWasher cleans more thoroughly, prevents rashes and can be used by anyone using the toilet. With Fridet the ButtWasher there is no waste, no chemicals and no need for wipes! It is convenient for home and on the go - it comes with a water resistant carrying bag. Fridet also works great as a Peri Bottle.


  1. Fill reservoir with warm water, screw on cap and invert bottle.
  2. Position the bottle with the tip facing in the desired direction.
  3. Squeeze bottle firmly and repeat as desired.
  4. Clean the Fridet with warm soapy water.