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Elevated Foreplay In A Bottle

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This organic & magical elixir is made with love to bring care and love to the delicate tissues of your sacred lady garden & make your love making sessions orgasmical! Infused with real herbs and flowers, it is healing & soothing to your delicate flower and promotes increased elasticity.

Great for enhancing love making sessions or for those times where you just feel like "there isn't enough time."  It's true, we all have those moments, especially as moms, wife's, working ladies, "we just don't have the time" or just "aren't in the mood."  Well let me tell you Ladies, our Foreplay in a Bottle is JUST what you need!  This magical elixir will bring on the mood and magically create the time you need by warming (& cooling, quite literally & figuratively) you up for any love making session long or fast, and will bring you to places you've never imagined with your self-lover or your lover!

Plus, Your sacred flower deserves to be treated with respect and loving attention and this elixir is sure to deliver just that.

Comes in only the highest vibrational container; crystal glass & with a treatment pump for easy use. 2oz. in size.

Apply this elixir after you shower or bath to calm and soothe your tissues or make your love session even more orgasmical with this pleasurable elixir.

All Organic: Infinite Love and Blessings, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, luminous herbal blend, flower essence, luminous crystal essence, pure essential oils of lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, rose, clary sage & peppermint.

**If using as a personal lube: While there is no solid data or evidence, we say live on the safe side & do not use with: latex or polypropylene. This includes certain condoms & toys.

While this may be the case, consider crystal toys such as glass. Glass is the best option in our opinions anyway. If using condoms, consider using natural lambskin. Also safe to use with this lube are nitrite & polyurethane condoms (although we highly recommend lambskin as it's all natural & is usually non-irritating for even the most sensitive of us).