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Elevated Tonic Roll On - Earl Grey

ELEVATED Tonic Roll Ons are for daily use as a natural perfume, aromatic body oil, aromatherapy and body therapy to relieve stress and ailments. They come in a convenient roll on size that can be taken anywhere. 

The ELEVATED Tonic Roll On comes in blue or green bottles to protect what is inside and is available in several scents:
  • Autumn Breathe Easy is perfect for fall, makes you feel cozy & therapeutically helps you breathe easy
  • Balancer  helps balance hormones, esp in females
  • Big Calmer (Lavender) is calming and leaves minds feeling relaxed
  • Cramp Ease can bring instant relief when rolled over areas that are cramping
  • Earl G (Earl Gray Tea) is a great perfume or cologne and lifts moods
  • Spirit Lifter (Citrus) lifts spirits, lightens moods, relieves stress and anxiety, relaxes & calms the nerves
ELEVATED Tonic Roll Ons are organic & natural, vegan/nut free/gluten free and cruelty free.

Great gifts and stocking stuffers!

Made in the USA.

  • Autumn: Avocado Oil, Autumn Blend Pure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes
  • Big Calmer: Avocado Oil, CalmingPure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes
  • Cramp Ease: Avocado Oil, Cramp easing Pure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes
  • Earl G: Avocado Oil, Earl Gray Tea Pure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes
  • Spirit Lifter (Citrus): Avocado Oil, Spirit Lifter Citrus Pure Essential Oil Blend & High Vibes
Size:  0.35 fl. oz.