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Charlie Banana 13" Amber Necklace - Baroque Raw Lemon

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Charlie Banana Amber Necklaces and Bracelets are made of Baltic Amber - a fossilized resin that is an organic substance. It contains 3-8% Succinic acid, which is a powerful therapeutic substance. It is believed that Baltic Amber worn against the skin has many benefits, such as making teething less painful for babies and allowing teeth to grow stronger. 

Amber is believed to have these benefits:
  • promote healing
  • ease pain
  • protect the immune system
  • reduce joint inflammation
  • make eruption of teeth less painful
  • makes teeth grow stronger when worn in direct contact with the skin
Charlie Banana Amber should be worn around your child's neck or arm. These necklaces and bracelets are not toys and should not be chewed on. For safety, each string is hand knotted between each and every bead. That way if the string should break, the rest of the beads will not be scattered.

Your child should be supervised at all times when wearing an amber necklace or bracelet and it should be removed while sleeping.

Charlie Banana Amber is available with raw or polished amber in 5.5" bracelets, 11" necklaces and 13" necklaces - all with screw clasps.