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Buttah GroVia Newborn Buttah All In One - Spice

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The GroVia Newborn All-In-One Buttah Diaper has the same inside construction and absorbency, but the outer waterproof layer is a laminated polyester velour for a shimmery, pillowy softness!

GroVia has redesigned their Newborn All-In-One Diaper!

The new features:
  • soakers are now hourglass shaped for a better fit
  • turned and top-stitched design
  • encased leg elastic

These new features mean the GroViaNewborn All-In-One Diaperis more absorbent, has a decreased drying time and fits better! It has an internal soaker with 2 layers of hemp/cotton and also an external soaker with 3 layers of hemp/cotton, topped with soft microfleece. The diaper is lined with buttery soft stay dry polyester microfleece.

The GroViaNewborn All-In-One Diaper has been designed specifically for newborns that fits newborns from 5-12+ pounds. There are adjustable rise snaps to give it a snug, trim fit. No more stuffing, no more doublers and no cover needed!

To use the GroVia Newborn All-In-One Diaper, adjust the rise snaps as needed and just fasten on your baby! No cover is needed.

Care Instructions:
  1. Wash hot with detergent and tumble dry 5-6 times before use. This diaper will become more absorbent as you wash it. This is a very important step - don't skip it!
  2. Place soiled diaper in a dry diaper pail - no soaking necessary.
  3. Wash every 2 days on warm with detergent.
  4. Tumble dry.
  5. Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners.
GroVia Neborn AIO Diagram

U.S. Retailers CANNOT sell/ship GroVia products outside of the United States. If you need help finding a retailer in your country please let us know!