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Bumblito Memory Swaddle Set - Field of Flowers


The Bumblito Stretch Swaddle Set includes a Bumblito swaddle blanket and a newborn hat! The blanket is made of a high quality fabric that is soft, stretchy, and fade and snag resistant. Because of it breathability, it can be used on hot summer night or pair it with a snuggly sleeper for the winter. Size: 40" x 40"

The Bumblito Memory Swaddle Set are made of the same fabric as the Stretch Swaddle Sets but also include a set of (12) cards - one for each month of your child's first year. On the back of the card there is a space to write memorable moments from that month. A special addition to you baby's book! Includes a newborn hat and the blanket is also a generous 46" x 46"!

Fabric content:  100% Polyester