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Bottombumpers One Size Front Bumper - Candy Cane


The Bottombumpers Front Snap One Size All in One Diaper is an adjustable multi-size diaper. The knit outer layer is 2 ml Polyurethane Laminated (PUL). This cloth diaper uses high quality industrial strength polyresin snaps backed with a layer of fabric inside for extra strength and durability. To prevent wicking, there is a PUL strip along the waist.

To adjust the BottombumpersFront Snap OS All in One Diaper there is a color coded system under the soaker. Just lift up the soaker and snap down the green studs to the various colors to adjust to the size you need.

The lining of the BottombumpersFront Snap One Size AIO Diaper is eco-friendly. It is made of certified 100% Organic Cotton. The included snap-in soaker is made of 5 layers of 100% Organic Cotton and topped with a high quality Organic Bamboo Velour for softness. Also included is a 2 layer snap-in doubler - that's a total of 8 layers of absorbency! The soakers can be shifted forward and back to fit the size you need. These amazing Snap-In Soakers are bi-fold and snap in and out for quick drying. All the snaps are hidden on the soaker as well.

New Features of the Front Snap One Size AIO Diaper:
  • Snaps on the front of the diaper
  • PUL strip at the waist
  • Roll in elastic - super soft
  • Snap-In Doubler included with the Snap-In Soaker
Care Information:
  • Wash and tumble dry before first use
  • Absorbency increases with each wash/dry and maximum absorbency is reached after about 6-8 washings
  • Unsnap soaker to avoid pulling on the material around the snaps
  • Do a short cold wash/rinse to get the messes off the diapers
  • Then wash HOT with cloth diaper safe detergent
  • Tumble dry or line dry
  • Be sure elastic is cool before pulling or wearing
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners

All Bottombumpersare manufactured in the USA by work-at-home mothers in smoke and pet free sewing studios!

Available Colors/Prints:

Custom Embroidery:

Bottombumpers Front Snap One Size All in One Diaper
Bottombumpers Front Snap One Size All in One Diaper
Bottombumpers Front Snap One Size All in One Diaper
I am a Child of God
Love You More - Peacock
Love You More - Steel

Bottombumper One Size Front Bumper

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