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Blueberry Diapers Newborn Capri Inserts - 2 Pack

The Capri Insert is very versatile! It is a multi-layered insert made from 100% Birdseye cotton fabric. You get to choose which side will touch your baby's skin - the stay-dry side or the all natural cotton side. This is possible because it has a half layer of microfleece. It is extra long with a foldable design. That means the Capri Insert will dry quickly and is easy to layer the absorbency where it is needed most.

The Capri Insert is perfect for use with the Capri Diaper Cover and can also be used with other covers and pocket diapers. Size 1 fits 6-16 pounds & Size 2 fits 12-35 pounds.

Sold in Packs of 2

Size 1: 4" x 22" (after shrinkage)
Size 2: 5" x 30" (after shrinkage)

Fabric Content:
  • Birdseye layers: 100% cotton
  • Microfleece layer: 100% polyester

Care Instructions:

Before first use, wash and dry inserts 2-3 times on hot. This will fluff up the fibers and it becomes more absorbent. The insert will shrink and get thicker with the first few washes.

For regular use, wash in hot or warm water on regular cycle. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or other additives. Those cause the inserts to become less absorbent and the fibers to break down. The best way to remove stains is laying the inserts in the sun.

Made in the USA!