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Kanga Care Cloth Diapers

Lighthouse Kids Company

By offering a simple and modern cloth diaper, Lighthouse Kids helps parents diaper their babies sustainably.

Through cloth diapering, their mission is to leave the world better than they found it. Beyond diapers, Lighthouse Kids has Wet Bags, Swaddles, Cloth Diaper Liners, and more!

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One Size Cloth Diapers

Lighthouse Kids Company designed the easiest to use one size cloth diapers. With the cutest prints and high quality materials, you're sure to find a cloth diaper that works perfectly for your baby.

Lighthouse Kids Signature One Size All in One

Signature All in One
Cloth Diapers

One piece means there is no need for folding or attaching inserts or  before use. Fits 6-32 lbs.

Lighthouse Kids Supreme One Size All in One

Supreme One Size All in One
Cloth Diapers

Designed for bigger babies and children with all the absorbency needed! Fits 15-55 lbs.

Lighthouse Kids Diaper Covers

One Size Switch Cover System

An All in Two cloth diaper - outer shell with a snap-in insert. Fits 12-35 lbs.

Lighthouse Kids Swim Diapers

Kids Swim Diapers

Made with waterproof TPU and wicking jersey inner for comfort and breathability.  Fits 6-32 lbs.

Bags and Accessories

Here are some additional products from Lighthouse Kids Company that you will love!

Lighthouse Kids Small Wet Bags

Small Wet Bags

Fits approximately 3-4 diapers

Lighthouse Kids Medium Wet Bags

Medium Wet Bags

Fits approximately 8-10 diapers

Lighthouse Kids Artist Bag

Artist Bag

Removable straps converts between messenger or backpack style. Made from cruelty free vegan leather

Lighthouse Kids Changing Pads

Changing Pads

Changing pads are generously sized, measuring 27" x 15.5"

Lighthouse Kids Bibs


Soft, beautiful and handmade! The ultra-soft, stretchy fabric used is the same as the wonderful swaddle blankets


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