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Why Cloth Diapers?

By using cloth you help keep chemicals off your baby and out of landfills.

Over 25 billion disposable diapers are sent to landfills every year.

A year of disposables can cost over $2500. Cloth diapers for one child can cost as little as $200.

Diapering Costs

$0.25 per diaper
x 8 diapers per day
x 364 days per year
$728 per year

$72 per month
x12 months per year
$864 per year

$10-20 per diaper
x24 diaper wash rotation
+$50 - $200 diaper accessories
$290 - $680 total

Types Of Diapers


  • Made of several layers of cotton in a rectangular shape.
  • The "prefold" is folded around your baby and secured with a fastener or held in place by a cover.
  • Economical - very inexpensive!
  • Often used as rags, burp cloths, ect. when outgrown.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Made of absorbent material, shaped to fit your baby in a snug and comfortable way.
  • Easy to use - no folding, no fasteners needed!
  • Most popular overnight option.

Diaper Covers

  • Used over fitted diapers or prefold diapers to make waterproof.
  • Can be reused multiple times between washing.


  • A fleece-lined diaper cover with an opening.
  • Like a pillow case, you “stuff” an absorbent insert into the pocket.
  • Adjustable absorbency.
  • Fast drying.
  • Wash after each use.

All In One

  • Waterproof shell, absorbent interior, and soft lining are all built-in.
  • Easy to Use - Most like a disposable diaper, except you wash them.

All In Two

Diaper cover (shell) with snap-in inserts.

Inserts / Doublers

  • Insert/Soaker - Refers to the absorbent part of a diaper, often removeable but sometimes sewn in. Pocket Diapers, Fitteds, and All-in-Ones may have inserts or soakers.


  • Liner - Lays on top of diaper, between baby and absorbent material. Contains no absorbency itself, it is meant to protect against stains and/or create a barrier against diaper creams and ointments. Also used to make waste removal easier.


Washing Steps

  1. Cold water light wash/pre-rinse cycle with no detergent.
  2. Hot water wash (highest water level, longer cycle) with detergent.
  3. Extra rinse cycle if necessary.
  4. Tumble or line dry.

Washing Tips

  • Remove solids into toilet and put used diaper into dry diaper pail, garbage can, or wetbag. (If your baby is solely breastfed, skip this step).
  • After 2-3 days (or as needed) dump soiled diapers into washing machine.
  • Start with 3/4 the amount of detergent you'd normally use.
  • Imagine Baby Products recommends Tide Original.
  • Line drying is wonderful for cloth diapers, as it will naturally remove stains and disinfect, as well as keep them in great condition.
  • No bleach, softeners, homemade detergents or diaper creams without a barrier as these can coat your diapers or cause undue wear and damage.

Diapers Per Day

  1. 15-30 diapers for 2-3 days between washing.
  2. Generally newborns can go through 12 diapers each day.
  3. As babies grow, they may only need 5-8 diapers per day.

Useful Accessories

  1. Flannel or fleece wipes.
  2. Imagine baby butter.

Washing Accessories

  1. Diaper sprayer - sprays diaper clean.
  2. Wet bag - stores dirty diapers.
  3. Diaper pail liner - washable with diapers.
  4. Flushable diaper liners.