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Buy 1  Give 2

For Every Nicki's Diaper Purchased Today, We Will Donate 2 Cloth Diaper Products to Jake's Network Of Hope on your behalf + 100% of donations collected at checkout.

Why We Care

Every baby needs diapers, but thousands of mothers world wide can not afford diapers. Nicki's Diapers has taken action over the past several years as a cause we deeply believe in. We are committed to improving the lives of mothers and babies around the world by providing them with the cloth diapers they need through Jake's Network of Hope.  

About Jake's 

In 2011 Jake's mother Stephanie traveled to Peru on a woman's mission trip. On this trip Stephanie watched caregivers with 15 babies reusing disposable diapers. Stephanie learned caregivers must choose between food and shelter or diapers. When Stephanie returned she decided to send Jake's reusable diapers back to the caregivers in Peru. Years later Stephanie is now able to help other mothers give back with Jakes Network of Hope.

How Jake's Network of Hope Helps.

Jake's Network has changed a lot since their origins. Now Jake's focuses on providing three areas of hygiene to those in need: diapers, period products, and adult care essentials. Jake's takes care of sourcing, collecting, storing, and distribution of these products. By managing product flow, Jake's created a direct route from mothers willing to give, to mothers in need.