Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

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Wet Bag

Wet Bags make it convenient to cloth diaper on the go. A real must-have, a waterproof wet bag lets you store both dirty diapers and a whole host of other loose items. Choose the size and type of wet bag that works best for you!

Wet Bag Products

A Wet Bag is a Critical Piece of Cloth Diaper Gear.

Wet bags are central to your cloth diapering experience. These are what will hold your soiled or extra cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and baby balms or lotions. Wet bags are designed to contain messes, and make cleaning even easier. With so many different brands, styles, and prints, we made it easier for you to find the perfect option.

Wet Bags Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Nicki's Diapers has wet bags that are small for a quick day trip or large enough to use on an extended vacation and all sizes in between. Our most popular, best-selling Planet Wise Wet Bags are leakproof, durable and available in many colors and beautiful prints! If you choose a wet/dry bag, there is a separate place to put clean, dry diapers or clothes too.

What is a Wet Bag?

A wet bag is a waterproof, usually zippered bag designed to hold wet or soiled items. They're most often used to hold dirty or used cloth diapers until they can be washed. But wet bags are also an amazing multi-tasking tool to have around the house. What is a wet bag used for? They're perfect for wet swimsuits or stinky gym clothes or a hundred other uses.

Picking the Right Wet Bag

Finding the right wet bag for your needs is a pretty simple process. Most families end up using a mix of different sizes for different purposes.

Mini wet bags are small enough to contain 1-2 cloth diapers, or can be used to organize small items or balms.

Small wet bags are perfect for a short outing. They can hold several diapers and cloth wipes or several small items.

Medium wet bags generally hold 4-8 cloth diapers, making them a good option for regular outings. If you're only going to own one wet bag, it's probably going to be a medium sized one.

Large wet bags generally hold 8-10 cloth diapers. They're great for longer trips or for use at home.

Hanging wet bags are usually large in size, but are designed to hang well and are often used as a semi-permanent alternative to a diaper pail. While they can certainly be moved around, you'll often end up hanging them on the nursery door or near the changing table.

Wet/dry bags are like wet bags, in that they have a waterproof compartment for soiled diapers and wipes, but they also have a separate section for other items, allowing you to keep clean diapers in one section, and dirty diapers in the waterproof section.

Diaper Wet Bag Frequently Asked Questions