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SoftBums Dry Touch Small Pods


The SoftBums Pods are one-size inserts. Because they are extra long, they should be folded under for the size needed and where extra absorbency is need for your baby. This way you will always have the extra thickness where your baby needs it! The SoftBums Pod will dry faster since the extra thickness is from folding the Pod rather than making it thicker. All of the SoftBums Pods can be used in any waterproof diaper shell!

All DryTouch Podsare topped with a super soft fleece and that means your baby feels dry, solids roll right off, and they are stain resistant.

All Pods are sold individually.

SoftBums Shell with Pod

SoftBums Bamboo Pods The Large Bamboo Pods have all natural fibers and are very absorbent but still super trim. Bamboo Pods are naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, breathable, comfortable and help keep your baby rash free.
SoftBums DryTouch Pod
You can choose a DryTouch Pod that is both absorbent and economical. One should be enough for daytime and then add a Mini Pod for nights, naps and older babies. The DryTouch Pod fits an Omni pocket or it can be snapped into an Echo. It has 4 layers of microfiber and is topped with soft microfleece.
SoftBums One-Size DryTouch SUPER Pods
SoftBums One-Size DryTouch SUPER Pods Sizing
The One-Size DryTouchSUPERPodsare made up of 2 separate parts. There is a One-Size contoured Pod and a Small Pod. These can be snapped together for extra absorbency or used separately - great for babies up to 3 months old. Both pods have super soft fleece tops. The One-Size Pod has rise snaps to size it from small to medium to large. These trim pods fit perfectly into the SoftBums shells with no tucking or folding.
SoftBums One-Size Bamboo SUPER Pod
SoftBums One-Size Bamboo SUPER Pod Sizing
The One-Size Bamboo SUPER Pods includes 2 separate pods. A One-Size Bamboo contoured pod that can be sized Small, Medium, Large or XLarge and a Small Bamboo Pod that can snap onto the other for extra absorbency. It can also be used separately for babies up to 3 months old. These Pods are topped with super soft velour and are super absorbent, super trim and dry super fast. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial and very breathable.
Softbums No-Pre- OS Bamboo Super Pods The No-Prep One-Size Bamboo Super Pods look identical to the above Bamboo Super Pods, but they come mostly pre-shrunk. They are of the same super soft high quality bamboo and have the same absorbency, the only difference is they have already been washed so you can save time and get started using them faster! There will be no more leaks due to insufficient pre-washing and less wear on the fibers from multiple HOT washes to prep them. Just wash once in HOT water with high water level and 1/4 of the recommended amount of detergent. Dry on medium in the dryer. The first few times they will take longer to dry - just hang to dry the rest of the way. 

SoftBums Mini Pods
The DryTouch Mini Pod and the Organic Bamboo Mini Pod both have 3 layers of thickness. The Organic Bamboo Mini Pod is only half as bulky but just as absorbent as the DryTouch Mini Pod. Put either on top or underneath the regular Pod for increased absorbency or use alone for newborns.

SoftBums Pods are compatible with Best Bottom Diapers. Best Bottom Snap-Inserts are also compatible with Softbums Omni and Echo Diapers.