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Sock Ons - Lime

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Babies are always kicking or pulling their socks off! Now you can use Sock Ons to keep those little socks on! Just put Sock Ons over your baby's socks and they will stay in place.

Sock Ons work because babies try to pull their socks off at the toes. Sock Ons keep socks on at the heel! A mom of 5 boys invented these ingenious little items.

Over 1/2 million have been sold in Europe and now they are available in the USA!

Sock Ons are available in 2 sizes:

  • Small - 0-6 months
  • Large - 6-12 months

Sock Ons have contrasting colored stitching around the edges of a soft blend of elasticized material made of 85% Nylon and 15% Elastane.

Made in China.