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Choosing reusable cloth diapers is a big decision that can lead to a rewarding journey for you and your baby. But where do you start? Here are the most commonly asked questions on how to start your cloth diaper journey.

Nicki's Diapers is a family business founded by Nicki and later joined by her husband Jesse. As a husband and wife team, they worked together to ensure the highest quality products while following responsible environmental and social business practices. The company is now located in Akron, Ohio.


CLEARANCE: Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0

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Color: Birthday Party
Birthday Party
Never Alone
Saved by the Bum
Wild About You
Sea Waves
Mercury Rising
    The Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper 2.0 - The pocket opening is generously sized to fit all insert options and has been redesigned to create the clean look Smart Bottoms parents have come to expect. Additionally, this diaper has an increased width of one inch, starting at the crotch up through the back of the diaper. With the 4 rise snap setting and wide elastic around the legs, you will get a perfect fit. The pocket allows you to add more absorbency when needed.

    The Dream Diaper 2.0 saves you time because you only need to wash it once and it is ready to use! They feature a Hemp and Organic Cotton lining and a PUL outer layer so it is waterproof. The snap-in insert can be folded to meet the needs of your baby.

    Size: 10-35 pounds
    Care Information:

    • Before 1st use - washing diapers 6-8 times will have them reach full absorbency - test absorbency by pouring a small amount of water on the diaper - it should absorb instantly
    • After use - Rinse in cold water. Wash on hot. Do an extra rinse. Dry on warm or line dry
    • Do not use fabric softeners, laundry additives, or bleach.

    60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee