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Smart Bottoms Flat Diaper


U.S. Retailers CANNOT sell/ship Smart Bottoms products outside of the United States. *Retailer Exclusives CAN be shipped out of the U.S.

Smart Bottoms Lil' Trainers are more like underwear than diapers, making them the perfect potty training tool! The Lil Trainer is not 100% waterproof (you want your child to feel wet), but the wet zone has an organic cotton inner and PUL to catch a single accident. There is also a snap-in insert that adds 4 layers of organic cotton for more absorbency. With the 2 layers of Organic Cotton in the trainer, that is a total of 6 layers of absorbency! With small accidents, the inserts can be replaced and the trainer reused. As your child becomes more independent, these training pants can be used without the insert for a trimmer option.

The Lil' Trainer has gentle elastic around the waist and legs, allowing for easy pull ups and downs. They are made to sit low on the waist.

  • 2T
  • 3T
  • 4T-5T

Fabric Content:

  • Outer - 2 layers of 100% Cotton
  • Inner - 100% Organic Cotton

Care Information:

  • Before 1st use - washing trainers 6-8 times will have them reach full absorbency - test absorbency by pouring a small amount of water on the trainer - it should absorb instantly
  • After use - Wash and dry on warm or line dry
  • Do not use fabric softeners, laundry additives or bleach.

Made in the USA.