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Elevated Woo Woo Wash 8 oz - Lavender

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ELEVATED Taylor's Woo-Woo Wash is a gentle way of washing your most sensitive parts, keeping sweet and fresh "down there". It will also keep you moisturized and balanced, perfect for postpartum soreness and irritation.

Woo-Woo Wash can be used everyday but is especially nice during menstrual cycles. Use 1-2 pumps on your puff or washcloth, gently cleanse and rinse.

Taylor's Woo-Woo Wash is organic & natural - made in the USA by THinc. (Taylor House inc.)

Ingredients: Taylor's Specially formulated liquid Castile Soap (using fresh, Hawaiian macadamia nut oil & coconut oil) herbs of calendula, chamomile & comfrey, pure essential oil (according to chosen scent), tocopherol
No harsh ingredients are uses, no glycerin which is natural but extremely processed.